2016 Liquid Force Wow Kite 12m

2016 Liquid Force Wow kite
2016 Liquid Force Wow Kite 12m

Regular Price: $1,399.00

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The 2016 Liquid Force WOW High-performance kiteboarding kite with high lift, drift and upwind capabilities. Beginner kiteboarders and pro riders love to fly and ride this kite.

Regular Price: $1,399.00

Special Price $799.00

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The 2016 Liquid Force WOW kite fills the niche of a high-performance kite.

LIQUID FORCE is dedicated to extensive material development that adds performance and durability to your kite purchase. We have teamed up with Challenge Sailcloth, recognized as a leading innovator in woven sail fabrics that withstand the harsh environment of sailing and kiteboarding. We are proud to bring an exclusive canopy and Dacron materials that have been both lab tested and field tested to the highest degree of standards in kiteboarding.


Featuring a reduced-diameter leading edge for efficient flying, reduced weight, and maximized upwind performance, the WOW flys far forward in the window, yet can be placed deeper in the window for raw power only when you need it.

Born from our mission to engineer a top-performing wave-riding kite that also excels at all-around freeriding, LF is pleased to introduce the WOW. Bringing our wildest dreams to life, we poured our passionate hearts and minds into this kite’s extensive development.


Pulley-free, the WOW features a clean, simple, and uncluttered bridle design, resulting in a more direct feel, and lightning-quick, optimized response. The front bridles connection point is customizable to achieve your desired wave riding kite feel.


Offering silky smooth sheet-and-go power delivery, and instant response, the WOW gives you the precision and freedom needed to position yourself right where you want to be — on each and every unique wave — for the ultimate, connected, surf-like feel. In other words, the WOW lets you focus on the wave, rather than on the kite.

The WOW is not just a surf-oriented kite, though. It’s stacked with freeriding traits, including the stellar lift for big boost and long glide, pivotal looping for air transitions and soft down-loop landings, a narrow diameter LE for banger upwind performance, and ultra-responsiveness for fluid, carving turns. Additionally, all of the easy characteristics, coupled with the WOW’s graceful drift, make it a powerful choice for an enhanced and simplified foilboarding experience.


Turning speed, bar pressure, and bar input response can all be adjusted at the front and back of the wing tip and on the pigtail.

Requiring minimal bar input for an immediate and direct response, the WOW pivots on itself rather than from the wingtip. Given its pull-free pivoting, you can turn on a dime — with as little or as much power as you like — and draw lines in the surf like never before. Whether you’re looking to log laps at your favorite break, or wanting all-time freeride fun, this kite will WOW you with its next-level performance.

This kite features a 3-strut design with a smaller diameter leading edge to allow the kite to fly faster in the wind window and help cut at a higher angle while riding upwind. The overall kite shape and pulley-less bridle allow this kite to have a direct response to bar input in turns on the wave or during transitions. The Wow’s unmatched maneuverability and drifting capabilities let the rider position the kite effortlessly to set up for the next surfing maneuver on the wave. Don’t worry about getting yanked off your surfboard during down loops because the Wow pivots around itself without the unwanted power. If you are looking to get into or improve your surfing behind the kite or just want a fast, maneuverable freeriding kite, then the 2016 Liquid Force Wow is the kite you are looking for!

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The WOW is wow! Review by Caroline
The Wow is amazing when it comes to trying to go upwind. Its seriously one of those kites that you don't have to worry about when flying. The control is amazing! This kite is great on a foil but also on surfboards. (Posted on 5/31/2016)
The WOW kite was incredible Review by Harris
I just recently got the WOW kite and absolutely love it. The kite is great kite for going up wind, made it so much easier to ride up wind. Also the kite has great response and control and you can focus on your riding and not all on where the kite is. (Posted on 10/12/2015)
My Favorite Kite this year! Review by WOW
WOW! I kite. I have been kiting for over 10 years. The WOW really does live up to its name! Screams upwind, Boosts to the moon, drifts down the line and unhooks and loops like a champ! You must try the WOW! (Posted on 9/22/2015)
The WOW is redefining the wake kite category! Review by Brendan
The first time i tried the WOW i already knew this kite was unlike any other kite on the market. With a smaller diameter in the leading edge and unique shape the WOW has a smooth power stroke with unreal turning capabilities. If you love to downloop your kite for like to always have the kite moving when you're riding the WOW is the perfect kite for you. When I took this out into the waves with my surfboard, I was surprised at how easy it was to control the kite without worrying about getting ripped off my board during a powerful turn while looping the kite. The WOW is also great when foil boarding thanks to its maneuverability and drifting capabilities (Posted on 9/21/2015)

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