2016 North Juice 18M

2016 North Juice
2016 North Juice 18M

Regular Price: $1,849.00

Special Price $1,370.00

2016 North Juice Lightwind/freeride three-strut low aspect kite is designed to Juice you up on those less light wind days and keep you on the water when the wind picks up.

Regular Price: $1,849.00

Special Price $1,370.00

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The 2016 North Juice offers freeride and wave riding performance to those riders who want to get out on those light wind days.  Designed around the North Neo, the Juice shares the Neo's arc, three strut count, profile, and outline but with a somewhat smaller leading edge diameter, a lower aspect ratio, and a lighter weight build.  It's the Neo's big brother.  With the Neo offering every size from 4m to 12m, the Juice picks it up with a 15m and an 18m offering.   Since the Neo's efficiency already lets you size down one or two meters from what you might normally ride, the Juice is well positioned to take advantage of light wind.  

With fast turning, good power delivery, excellent drift, wide wind range, and adjustable bar pressure, the Juice knows how to juice every drop of power out of the sky.  You can ride this kite in sub-10 knot winds on any kind of board; twin tip, surfboard, or foil.  It delivers good pop for freestyle tricks and turns fast so you can send it even in the low-end stuff.  While it may not have great upwind performance, it makes up for it with sheer grunt and the ability to drift with just the smallest amount of tension in the lines so you can get out in the waves with it while the waves are still clean.  

As Ken Winner explains it, big kites come in several broad varieties.  Big race kites are fast, have good wind range, and are lightly built for good light wind performance but are not so good for jumping and handling.  Big air style kites have good wind range and jump well but are slow turning and heavy, so they aren't so good in light wind.  Then there's the space that the Juice occupies.  The Juice is a big "handling-oriented" kite meaning it's lightweight, durable, has a wide wind range and turns quickly, so it jumps and pops well at the low end but has the range to go big when the wind picks up.

If you're looking for a robust, low aspect, lightweight three-strut freestyle, wave riding, and foil boarding kite that will get you on the water early and keep you out late, the Juice is just what you need. 

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