Used 2016 North Spike with Vario Straps

North Spike 163
Used 2016 North Spike with Vario Straps

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When the wind doesn’t blow the North SPIKE is the board you need to get riding!

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Regular Price: $949.95

Special Price $725.00

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The new North 2016 Spike is the ultimate light wind twin tip board that can get you riding when everyone else is still waiting on the beach.

The large 163 cm X 46.5 cm board offers a large planing surface to get you up and going in 10 to 12 mph wind. Not only is the Spike an amazing upwind machine, it is an excellent entry level twin tip for any rider. Here at Force Kite and Wake we use these boards on most of our beginner lessons. The board offers a large stable platform that our clients find easy to balance on while increasing their upwind riding potential. Also because of the flat rocker and asymmetrical concave, the students are able to achieve, quick planing using much less power from the kite. All of this makes learning to ride for the first time a much more user-friendly experience.

Amazing upwind performance and excellent heel edge grip will have you cruising around in wind speeds you never thought possible. The North Spike is also a favorite of riders at inland lakes. Because the wind can be very gust or inconsistent, All of that surface area helps the rider maintain planing speed. By adding the Spike to your quiver you can take advantage of even the lightest and most challenging conditions. Don’t spend your time sitting on the beach waiting for the breeze to fill in, maximize your riding time with the North Kiteboarding Spike!


NORTH Kiteboarding Description:

When the wind doesn’t blow the Spike is the board you need to get riding! Available in three sizes for various wind conditions and rider weights there is a Spike to suit everyone. The largest board in the range, the 163 offers the best low-end performance and fantastic upwind ability in the lightest of winds and for the heavier riders. The next size down, the 153 offers a more freeride feel with slightly less low-end ability, being short yet still keeping a wide outline enables it to feel dynamic on your feet while you are riding. It is great for boosting big airs and rotations as well as airstyle tricks in light winds. The smallest board in the range the 141 is designed to be a light wind freestyle and freeride machine. It offers amazing pop with a fast top speed, but will get going much quicker than most freestyle boards out there. It’s also great for the smaller riders looking for a dynamic light wind board to ride. We have a lot of riders who use the Spike on inland lakes where the wind can be gusty; this board excels in these conditions and is perfect for those spots where the wind is light. With the Spike in your quiver you can make every trip to the beach count!

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Excellent starter board and Amazing Light wind weapon Review by Ed
Take advantage of your time by getting on the water when the wind is too light for your twin tip. This Massive 163cm board screams upwind when everyone else is walking up the beach or sitting and watching you enjoy your session. (Posted on 1/8/2016)
Light wind dream Review by Stan Radev
I love the big size 163!! It always get the job done, I am 210 lbs and the last time I was able to session in 8 to 12 mph on my Solo 17.5
(Posted on 1/8/2016)

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