2017 North Jaime

2017 North Jaime
The 2017 North Jaime is one of North's most long standing twin tips and for good reason, whether it's freestyle or freeride, the Jaime is a smooth performer, easy to ride, pop, and land, and it's easy on the eyes too!

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The 2017 North Jaime offers the best of freeride and freestyle in one outstanding and gosh darn beautiful board.  Seriously, if you bought this board based on looks alone, nobody would blame you.  We don't recommend buying a board based on good looks alone, so thankfully there's much more to say about the 2017 North Jaime than just, it's pretty.  Even so, just look at this board, it just screams quality and sophistication!

It is, of course, what's on the inside that really matters, and more importantly how it rides.  However, in this case looking skin deep does actually give you some insight into its quality construction and performance.  For instance, just a quick look will tell key you in on some of the reasons why the Jaime is one of North's most long-standing twin tips.  The classic rocker line and outline, deep Quattro V bottom channels, North's unique foot strap tracks, and carbon beam reinforcement are readily apparent on cursory inspection.  Plus, the Entity (NTT) straps and pads, and the 4.5 carbon 30 fins should not escape your attention either.  You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to see the love and attention to detail that has gone into this beauty.

Digging deeper than the eye can see, there is a solid wood core and carefully managed layers of glass and carbon putting strength and flex in all the right places.  Nothing is superfluous.  The 2017 North Jaime has medium flex for a comfortable and forgiving ride, great edging grip and pop like a shaken soda.  Smooth absorption flex tips and torsion flex are built into the cake to make it at once performance oriented and easy to ride hooked or unhooked.  We think you'll love this board on the water and off!

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