2016 North Trust Bar

2016 North Trust Control Bar
2016 North Trust Bar

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The North Kiteboarding Trust Bar combines maximum safety and unmatched reliability to be the most effective tool to steer your kite.

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Regular Price: $499.00

Special Price $379.00

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In 2016, the North Trust bar has been polished to perfection to achieve the best riding comfort possible.

The North Trust Bar provides the rider with a unique control system that has safety built into its core. The winding posts feature an integrated back line adjuster enabling you to trim your bar or adjust back line length easily and on the go. The flip-flop function allows you to switch between the different bar width settings in just 1 click. This makes changing the width setting much simpler. For effortless functionality, the push pin has been located on the outside of the winding post. By pressing the pin you can easily use the flip-flop function. The insert for the center line hole is made of a smooth plastic that reduces wear on the center line. The small diameter of the control bar allowed for a thicker EVA bar grip. This makes the bar even more comfortable while offering increased control.

The most important part of the bar is the safety system. The iron heart safety is famous for its fast, safe and easy release offering 100% depower. At the center of the iron heart is the reverse release pin which is the key to safety and low release force that is unique to North Kiteboarding. Unlike other safety systems, it hinges on the inside to protect the riders hands. Exchanging the chicken loop or removing the chicken bone is now easier with grub screw. This screw can be removed with a standard FCS fin screw. The flexible molded construction offers and allows for easy reassembly. It is also warp resistant making hooking back in after tricks a breeze. The roto head located just beneath the bar offer easy line untwisting following multiple rotation tricks. It is made from a very durable plastic that is resistant to corrosion. For depower the Trust bar has the aerial cleat and sliding stopper. The length of both can be easily adjusted to fit your personal preference.

As the bar is the first point of contact between the rider and the kite it is essential to match the right line lengths to the riders style. In order to adapt to the needs of different riders, North Kiteboarding offers two different bar lengths. On the small/medium bar length, 49cm to 42cm comes with 19m or 22-meter line lengths. On the large bar, 53cm to 46cm you have the option of 24m or 27-meter line lengths. This allows you to choose exactly the right bar for your riding style. Shorter line lengths increase the reactivity, turning speed and bar feel. The longer lines lengths will provide more power, hang time and low-end power.

As in previous years, the North Trust bar comes with two different line length set ups. You can choose the Quad Control option for the 4-line setup or the 5th Element option for the 5-line setup. No matter what the conditions or riding style the Trust bar will give you perfect control of your kite!

North Trust Bar Features:

- EVA cushioned winding post with flip-flop function for easy width adjustment

- Vario cleat and sliding stopper for easy height adjustment

- Integrated backline adjuster to trim rear lines

- Fully integrated EVA floater to protect lines and rider

- Exchangeable plastic center part insert

- Moulded EVA floater for safety leash prevents line tangling

- Single frontline safety on QuadControl

- Huge depower & absolute safety

- Push pins for Flip-Flop function

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Quality Bar Review by Ed
The bar just feels good in your hands. The safety system is one of the best in the world. Easy to adjust bar length even when flying. (Posted on 10/28/2016)

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