2017 Ride Engine Harness Carbon Elite

2017 Ride Engine Harness Carbon Elite

The 2017 Ride Engine Harness Carbon Elite is the top of the line in Ride Engine's revolutionary harness line up. This light weight harness won't ride up or pinch under load.

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Ride Engine is hardcore, literally.  Invented by Coleman Buckley, a Stanford graduate tinkerer, surfer, and kiteboarder, who saw a solution to traditional harnesses that tend to ride up and pinch under load.  Putting his mind to the task, he started experimenting with design ideas in his garage, dissecting and stitching together various harnesses until his creation came into focus.  Thus, the Ride Engine harness was born.  Unlike existing harnesses with a soft, flexible construction, the ride engine has a rigid inner core.  This unique composition brings a new level of comfort to a notoriously uncomfortable yet essential piece of equipment.

In the fall of 2014, Buckley formed a partnership with Pacific Northwest board sports company, 7 Nation, expediting the market launch of Buckley's brainchild.  In the summer of 2015, Ride Engine introduced three models internationally.  Now, with the acclaim of riders from around the world, Ride Engine releases it's 2017 lineup.

Let's look at the features that have made the Ride Engine so popular, so quickly.  
Obviously, the rigid, lightweight hard-shell construction is essential.  The Ride Engine conforms to the contour of your back, locks onto your back and sides and supports your lumbar so that it won't ride up or slide from side to side.  Additionally, the solid core construction allows it to be smaller, lighter, and less bulky which translates to a harness that is less restrictive giving you more mobility.  Now, cover the core with soft foam padding that conforms to your body, and the already more comfortable Ride Engine becomes bar none the most comfortable harness you can buy.  The integrated elastic waist belt and speed-loop closure complete the picture, ensuring a snug fit and easy entry and exit.

All Ride Engine models are available with a carbon slider bar or a traditional spreader bar.  The carbon slider uses a rope connection to which the chicken loop attaches, allowing it to slide easily from side to side to give you unparalleled freedom of movement especially when wave riding.  Recommended for more experienced riders the carbon slider fully integrates into the front of the harness and further reduces harness ride up.  A traditional spreader bar is recommended for beginners and wake style riders.  

Ride Engine's 2017 line-up has been refined and revamped.  Now manufactured in a new factory for even better quality and consistency. The hard shell has been precision sculpted making it even more contouring, and additional memory foam has been added to make it even more comfortable.  All of the material has been upgraded to reach an even higher benchmark of quality.  The waist belt has been upgraded to neoprene to enhance comfort further.  They've also added an XS and XXL to fit all riders more accurately.  It is clear these guys are obsessed with making the best product possible.

If you are tired of uncomfortable harnesses that pinch and ride up, or even if you are satisfied with the comfort of your current harness, here's the crux of the matter.  You will be more comfortable in a Ride Engine harness.  Seriously, who doesn't want to be more comfortable?  So, check out Ride Engine's 2017 harness line for the ultimate in kiteboarding comfort and mobility.

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