2016 Ride Engine Hex-Core Orange

2016 Ride Engine Hex-Core Orange

Regular Price: $249.00

Special Price $198.00

The Ride Engine kiteboarding harness is built with a solid hard shell back that wraps all the way around the side.

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Regular Price: $249.00

Special Price $198.00

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Ride Engine is an entirely new design in a kiteboarding harness. Built with a solid hard shell back that wraps all the way around the side. When the kite pulls  from the front of the harness the load is evenly distributed equally around the hardback eliminating any pinch points. The ride engine stays locked in without having to be tight on your body and provides minimal slip from side to side and less ride up into the chest and ribs. Offering 3 different models from the Carbon, Pro team and Hex core with different colors available across the models. The Elite Carbon is the lightest and most stiff of all the choices.
    All of the Ride Engine harnesses are available wit the new carbon slider connection or the traditional spreader bar with bar pad. Both fully integrate into the front of the harness. The carbon slider allows the rider to lock their chicken loop into a rope connected to the front of the harness. The carbon slider locks firmly into place and drastically reduces any harness ride up. The rope connection allows the loop to freely slide left and right offering amazing freedom of movement for wave riding. This sliding connection is recommended for more experienced riders. A traditional spreader bar is suggested for begginers and those unhooked wake style riders.
    We have heard kiters say that this was the first harness they ever wore with no back pain or point load. The rigid back of the harness does not flex and requires no break in period. Anyone who tries the ride engine seems to be blown away with this amazing new equipment. As powered up as you can get and there is no load on your back! These new hard shell harnesses are here to stay!

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