The Xenon Laluz is the lightweight kiteboard with outstanding performance. High-quality construction, great for speed, jumps and freeride in all conditions.

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The Xenon Laluz isn’t just another kiteboard you want, it’s the one you need.  LaLuz brings together the highest quality design, materials, and manufacturing in one do everything board at a fair price.    Manufactured in Austria and Poland in high-end snowboard factories each size (with its own specific mold) is sandwiched under ultra high pressure. Translation, Laluz is built to last European style.  Combine the highest quality materials and construction with a great shape and what Xenon calls moderate flex and you have Laluz.  Are you seeing the light yet?

Xenon has pioneered bringing snowboard construction techniques and materials to kiteboarding.  Starting with a Paulownia wood core and under ultra high pressure a stiff carbon deck is sandwiched to a durable and flexible bottom.  The result is a board that literally pops.  Speaking of pop, these boards have a following of riders.  When you get it so right that you wouldn’t dare change even the slightest detail, that’s LaLuz and that’s why Xenon doesn’t mess with this shape. How’s that light come’n?

And how about those straps and pads?  A marriage of form and function, the pads are soft and wedged at the heal, helping you edge and reducing overspill, and they can be adjusted for more or less arch support. Meanwhile, the equally comfortable straps are easy to adjust to just the right size.  And the fins?  Each fin is CNCed from . Again, with only the best materials, quality and value, Laluz shines.

Laluz has a spry feel under your feet thanks to its lively flex.  The tips are wider than most other boards giving it a bit more volume and allowing you to ride a size smaller than you would normally ride.  A single concave runs through the midsection of the board turning into a double V at the tips, so it motors upwind and excels at digging in deep with smooth confidence and control.  The flex helps you breeze through chop, saves your knees, gives you pop when taking off and forgiveness to help you land the landing.  The bottom line is this, if you’re looking for that one magical board that can handle chop with ease, pop like Champagne at a party, and ride any style you can shake a bar at, get a Laluz by Xenon now and see the light for yourself.

The Xenon Laluz has been the leader of the XENON kiteboard revolution for the past six years. The first thing people notice is how light the Laluz kiteboard is. Laluz means "light."  The XENON Laluz kiteboard delivers as always with outstanding performance and comfort.

The Laluz utilizes the latest technological advances available, state-of-the-art materials and hydrodynamic science.

The bottom concept of the Laluz features a blend of a single concave through the center of the board with double V outflow tip/tail channels. Having these channels at the tips allows for optimized water flow, excellent grip, and increased upwind ability. Keeping the single concave through the center of the board allows for maximized top speed resulting in explosive pop. What goes up must eventually come down and those double V outflow channels will help you land smoothly and in control. The thinner sidewalls also give extra bite and control over the board. The totally unique and innovative hull shape features steps free construction. That means there are no weak spots on this board. CNC machined rail channels ensure the right amount and distribution of flex.

The heart of your new Laluz kiteboard is a combination of a Paulownia wood (90%) and High-Density Airex foam (10%) core wrapped in hybrid triax/carbon laminate. That sounds tasty. Every single size of the Xenon Laluz twin tip range has been designed exclusively and come from an individually built mold intended for each particular size.

Xenon provides fins made specifically for the Laluz. They are G10 40mm fins. G10 fins are the top of the food chain for kiteboard fins. Even the fin washers are high-end. The flexible fin washers are built from a composite of HD polycarbonate and fiberglass. Thin and light they flex with your board. Notice the Laluz fin washers also blend in with the colors on the deck. When you focus only on kiteboards you can pay attention to detail. Of course, you also get an ergonomic grab handle.

• Paulownia woodcore - Gives the best durability to weight ratio.
• Top rail channels - Adds extra strength to the whole construction allowing the entire core of the board to be thiner & lighter.
• Steps free shape - Eliminates all the weak points.
• Hybrid Triax-Carbon laminate - Takes the best features from both ensure super comfy ride with tons of pop.
• Single concave to double V bottom profile - Gives refined speed, pop, precision and control.
• Tapered down rails - For grip and control.
• Moderate flex - Gives an optimal blend of comfort & performance.
• Brushed top sheet - Increases durability and has distinctively unique look.

129 x 40 / 132 x 40 / 135 x 41 / 138 x 42

• One of the most comfortable pads and straps available. New hard parts composite allows combining flexibility, low weight and durability.
• Red G10 40 mm fins set with flexible fins washers.
• Ergonomic grab handle.
SKU 2016XenonLaluz
Riding just got so much more comfortable Review by Joanna
Board is light weight, durable and really comfortable to ride. It has a great potential. (Posted on 4/10/2016)

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