2017 Cabrinha Switchblade

2017 Cabrinha Switchblade

The 2017 Cabrinha Switchblade is an all-around high-aspect high-performance 5-strut kite that is meticulously refined and expertly crafted.

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Now in its twelfth year, the 2017 Cabrinha Switchblade is defined by a clear vision and relentless refinement.  Cabrinha's vision with the Switchblade has always been simple; one kite to rule them all.  To that end, Cabrinha continues to tweak and perfect the Switchblade, bringing it ever closer to absolute domination of its class.  It's no wonder the Switchblade is so revered by kiteboarders of all disciplines, and no surprise that it has become one of the best selling kites of all time.   

Key to what makes the Switchblade arguably the king of kites, is its rock solid stability, huge power, and massive depower.  When you add to this its easy and reliable relaunch, fast, nimble, and smooth turning, and penchant for flying tight to the edge of the window, the result is a kite that can do anything and everything.  The Switchblade is a high-performance kite that can boost to the moon and devour the most extreme high-wind conditions with confidence and poise.  At the same time, it excels in light winds, screams upwind drifts like a cloud and relaunches like it's water phobic.  

In 2017, the Switchblade has been updated with some subtle yet meaningful changes.  At the top of the list is Cabrinha's "Pure Profile Panels" which has been unincorporated into much of Cabrinha's 2017 lineup.  Each segment of the leading edge now has two corresponding panels of canopy thus bringing to bear enhanced "curvature control."  The bridle line material has been upgraded to be stronger and more durable preventing any performance degradation through bridle line stretch.  The Sprint Inflation System has been streamlined to be more low profile and easy to service.  There is also rear line tuning options whereby the rider can adjust the kites bar pressure, depower, and power of the kite to their preference.

The 2017 Cabrinha Switchblade is an all-around high-aspect high-performance 5-strut kite that is meticulously refined and expertly crafted.  It is exceptionally well suited for a huge range of conditions and riding styles.  Beginners will love its predictability, stability, power and depower on demand, and easy relaunch while experts will appreciate its quick and powerful turning, expansive wind range, raw horsepower, and high octane lift.  Whether you are kitesurfing, freeriding, foil boardings, boosting, looping, or just reaching for a rainbow, the 2017 Cabrinha Switchblade is the benchmark of excellence for versatility and performance.

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king of free ride Review by yani
I've been flying the Switchblade on and off since way back when the Crossbow was more popular, and I've always loved it. The 2017 Switchblade is better than ever. Super stable and predictable, great upwind ability, lofty jumps, easy relaunch, fast turning, and great power and depower. If you are looking for a great all around kite, the Switchblade is perhaps the best one on the market. (Posted on 2/22/2017)

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