2017 Liquid Force Libre

2017 Liquid Force Libre

The 2017 Liquid Force Libre is a light-weight light-wind twin tip designed for riders who want to maximize their time on the water.

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The 2017 Liquid Force Libre is Liquid Force's version of an ultra large and ultra flat light wind specialist.  Tapping Jimmy Redmond's vast shaping experience, the design goal for the Libre was to strip away every ounce of unneeded material to make the Libre amazingly light for its size without compromising its strength and durability.  Put to the task, Jimmy started with a full wood core and carefully stripped, tapered, and shaved it down for maximum effect.

The 2017 Liquid Force Libre beautifully embodies just how polished such a large board can be.  The key to acheiving the design goal was to put the meat in just the right places so that the board has strength in the middle with the right amount of flex at the tips.  This while making it have the right performance characteristics for a light wind board.  

To achieve this, Jimmy gave the Libre a distinctly targeted asymmetrical shape.  Basically, with this board, the meat is under your feet.  Since it's designed to have a dedicated heel-side edge, the meat is concentrated on the heel-side of the board, tapering off on the toe-side edge.  The same principal governs the asymmetrical placement of the bottom concave which runs from tip to tip off-center along the heel-side edge of the board.   At the same time, the fins on the heel-side edge are placed close to the edge while the toe-side fins are placed more toward the center of the board.  Now, on the deck, the foot strap inserts are asymmetrically placed as well, completing the board's asymmetrical functionality.   

Collectively, the 2017 Liquid Force Libre's design features optimize strength and flex, fin bite, and water flow to give you a super-efficient light-wind kiteboard for those riders who want to maximize their time on the water with a twin tip.  

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