2017 Liquid Force Happy Foil 4.5

2017 Liquid Force Happy Foil 4.5

The Liquid Force Happy Foil 4.5 is a dual-use board that is ready to rock it in the waves with a FCS compatible quad fin set-up or as a hydrofoil board.  It is highly customizable, tough, light, and ready to deliver happiness!

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The new Liquid Force Happy Foil 4.5 is fresh out of the box, and we've got them.  You can't put happiness back in the box once you've discovered hydrofoil kiteboarding. Heck, we don't know how they fit so much stoke into such a small package.  Liquid Force has been killing it with their line up of foils and foil boards.  Easy to use and progress, customizable and tough, high performance and versatile, Liquid Force has your foiling number.  You can call this one "Happy 4.5".

When it comes to foil boarding, this is what you want.  First of all, you want it to be tough but not too heavy.  Check.  You want a mast with a long cord and a thin profile.  Check and check.  You want a long mast, too, that's your up and down real estate.  Check.  You want a long fuselage that provides stability and ease of use.  78cm, check.  You want a variety of interchangeable foil wings so you can find the wings that work best for your riding level and style.  Check.  You want all of the components to be modular so you can replace or interchange any of the parts.  Check.  You want an easy to adjust mast track.  Check.  You want to be able to ride with 2 inline straps or 3 staggered straps and you want to be able to place the straps just where you want them.  Check and check.  And finally, you want a foil board that doubles as surfboard when you take the foil off and slap on some traditional fins.  Checkmate!

The Liquid Force Happy Foil 4.5 is just that board!  It's just as ready to rock some wave riding as it is to ride the magic carpet.  Adjustable to the nth degree, the Happy Foil 4.5 sports a myriad of foot strap inserts for 2 or 3 strap set-ups, or if you prefer, no straps.  Go with the foil or the FCS compatible quad fin configuration.  And, easily adjust the mast position to your preference.  The Happy Foil 4.5 is just a bit bigger and more voluminous for larger riders.  Happy Foiling everyone!

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nice board Review by yani
This board is a big step up from the Rocket Fish. It's pretty light weight, very buoyant, and makes coming down off the foil as easy as it could be. (Posted on 2/22/2017)

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