2017 Liquid Force HIFI-X2

2017 Liquid Force HIFI-X2

Crisp Direct Feel, Explosive POP, Controllable Slack, 5-Line C Kite

Made with direct feedback from the PKRA World Champion Christophe Tack the new HIFI X-2 is even better offering legendary raw performance. Powerful and fast this kite brings high end exlosive pop combined with controllable slack for the most exterme unhooked freestyle. Improved to meet the demands of modern C Kite riders with extended longevity, less weight creating a faster turning high caliber precise feel. Engineered for durability to take the beatings as you push the progression. Unhooked freestyle, Massive grunty kite loops or just some old school free riding this 5 line true C-Kite is number 1.


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