2017 Liquid Force Solo V3 Light Wind Edition (17.5)

2017 Liquid Force Solo V3
2017 Liquid Force Solo V3 Light Wind Edition (17.5)
If you want a kite that will get you on the water instead of sitting on the beach praying for more wind, look no further than the Liquid Force Solo V3.
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Liquid Force has dropped the new Solo V3 but with its exceptional drift and light wind flying abilities, it never landed and is currently still in the air with an unidentified kiteboarder in tow. He looks like he's having a great time, too! The Solo led the charge for light wind performance with its introduction three years ago and the Solo continues to evolve and mature.

The 2017 Liquid Force Solo V3 Light Wind Edition is the gold standard of light wind kiteboarding.  When the Solo first dropped it caused a bit of confusion with the kiteboarding scene.   Since then, the doubters have become believers.  Today many competing companies have tried to copy the Solo with their own one strut designs. Yes, the copy cats may copy, but they remain behind the curve.  With the Liquid Force Solo V3 Light Wind Edition, Liquid Force has once again pushed the envelope of what is possible with its one strut concept.  Lighter, more stable and even more powerful than ever, the V3 15.5 and 17.5 are the ultimate light wind kiteboarding machines.

Let's face it; we love to kite!  In fact, we can't get enough of it.  But, when the wind is just a little bit too light to ride it can be a kind of agony.  It's these marginal conditions that make the Solo V3 an essential addition to your quiver.  With its light weight single-strut construction and stable architecture the Solo V3 Light Wind Edition turns your frustration into pure riding joy.  This is an exeptionally easy kite to fly and due to it's feathery weight it can be riden underpowered and is perfect for foiling.  Thankfully, when it goes down it is also a very easy kite to relaunch.

If you want to maximize your time on the water, the Solo V3 Light Weight Edition is your solution to the light wind blues. 

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