2017 Litewave Carbon WING 165

2017 Litewave Carbon WING 165
The 2017 Litewave Wing now comes in Carbon Fiber and is two pounds lighter. Changing the light wind game and stronger than ever.
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The Litewave Carbon Wing 165 is one of Litewaves' most popular boards. This Board is for light wind, Schools, larger riders and regular size riders without the strong wind conditions. You will notice that the board has a unique shape with parabolic sidecut similar to a snowboard - This gives the tips the most width. When you are riding along you are on your edge and on your back foot placing your weight on the back corner, not the center of the board. A regular board will taper in on the tips where the wing flares out. This gives you a triangle of planing surface right where you need it, where all your force is going. It's amazing how upwind this board will go, like 20 degrees higher into the wind than most boards! That flare at the tips allows for rocker to be put into the board as well. Having rocker in the board will make the board much more comfortable riding in choppy real world conditions. A lot of light wind boards are super flat and are not too friendly once the water gets rough or wavy. The Litewave Carbon Wing also has quite a bit of concave in the bottom to help smooth out the ride. In the tip and tail, you will notice the unique torsion bars allowing the board to flex but not letting the corner bend up when edging upwind. The wing comes with three position inserts for stance options, fins, a grab handle and killer graphics.

Vertically Laminated paulownia wood core
Light, strong, affordable
Wing Rocker
G10 Epoxy Fins
Engineered flex with 3D torsion-bar tips

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Light wind weapon Review by Ed
If you absolutely have to get out in the lightest of wind conditions and don't want to foil, the Litewave Carbon Wing 165 is your ticket. Last week I was out on a 12 and the WING and was the only one staying upwind! Even though some riders were on 17m kites the Wing was plenty enough with a 12. I really like that the board has some rocker so you can ride it in some chop (Posted on 11/11/2016)

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