2017 Mystic Majestic X Waist Harness

2017 Mystic Majestic X Waist Harness
The new Majestic X brings a new level of technology and fit to the market. It’s a true hardshell that’s made using truly unique construction.

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It's on folks; the 2017 Mystic Majestic X Hardshell Waist Harness has dropped!  This highly anticipated addition to the kingdom of kiteboarding is perhaps the heir apparent of harnesses.   Bringing Mystic's vast experience in manufacturing high-quality hardware to every stitch, material, and functionality, the 2017 Mystic Majestic X has been designed from the ground up with a vision to do nothing less than dominating the hardshell revolution.  If ever there were one harness to rule them all, this is it!

Let's take a closer look at what makes this harness so royal.  Firstly, and say this with me, "patented bionic core frame", and "German thermoplastic full carbon composite".  Put more simply, this harness is stuffed full of advanced materials like a foie gras goose.  With the 2017 Majestic X, Mystic has combined the best of traditional construction with new school hardshell construction to create a "hardshell" with just the right combination of comfort, rigidity, flex, durability and performance.  

The key to getting the mix right lies in that German engineered thermoplastic carbon composite, a material that has developed specifically for the Majestic X.  Two properties of this material are most important.  Firstly, thermoplastic carbon is twice as strong as conventional epoxy/carbon construction, and secondly, thermoplastic carbon offers more flex compared to an epoxy shell.  This gives the Majestic a unique feel and level of comfort and responsiveness.  

Next, the "Bionic Core Frame" is seated in an Intelligent Viscoelastic foam that conforms to your body shape to maximize comfort and ensure that the harness stays put.  Now, add Mystic's battle tested Battlebelt, Click-R Bar spreader bar closure for easy on and off, thermoformed EVA foam around the waist area for increased grip, and 2 x 25 mm webbing system that allows easy adjustment with bottom straps to keep the spreader bar down.  Finally, with a handy built-in KeyPocket, a Leash Eye to attach your leash to the front of the spreader bar and an include safety knife, the package is complete.  Set it up with a traditional fixed spreader bar or alternately with a sliding surf spreader.  If you want the finest harness on the market, give yourself the royal treatment with the 2017 Mystic Majestic X harness.

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