2017 North Dice

2017 North Dice
The 2017 North Dice is one of the most advanced kites ever build. A pure engineering marvel, the Dice is extremely responsive, fast and intuitive.

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       2017 North Kiteboarding Dice has been redefined and improved making it one of the most popular kites in the line. The kite has undergone several major changes. The panel layout has been completely reworked which has adjusted the overall canopy tension. This has impacted the steering and handling characteristics. The leading edge dacron strip that connects the tips of the kite that was first implemented on the Vegas last year is now present on the Dice.This unifies the tips of the kite which increases the responsive and reactive steering. The trailing edge dacron has also been widened. This increases durability, strength, and stability in the air. Norths’ new ability to 3d form their kites has allowed them to deliberately shape the way the canopy forms in the air. The result is an increasingly stable canopy which makes this kites wake style and unhooking abilities unparalleled. To improve the wave riding elements, North has reworked the struts by reinforcing along the length making them thinner, stiffer and more curved. This gives the kite a much more playful and responsive steering. Each of the tip settings has undergone pigtail length changes. This has unified all of the tip settings allowing the kite to be customized to each riders style. As with the previous years, there are three different tip settings.  The Hard setting is used for wake style and unhooked riding. This increases the bar pressure and slightly slows the steering and slightly less depower. The medium setting is the stock set up the kite comes on in the bag. This setting is for all around freeriding. The Soft setting is what is recommended for wave riding. This provides faster steering, less bar pressure, and a slightly more playful feeling through the kite. Also for 2017 the connection between the valve and the pump is now seamless. Making it easy to inflate and deflate your kite.
The 2017 Dice solidifies its place on the market as one of the most versatile three strut kites available today.

     The 2017 North Dice is an absolutely balanced Freestyle/Wakestyle tool redefining versatility and performance in a C-oriented three strut design, which can even impress in waves. It´s the ultimate kite of choice for all those, who feel the design of the Vegas got a little bit too extreme over the years. A new panel layout with an immensely solid Dacron frame and wave panels on the trailing edge, enhance durability and the overall canopy stiffness. The dynamic curve of the tip strut offers responsive steering, while the variety of different length pigtails give even more variation between the various settings. 4 and 5 line compatible, the North Dice is a confidence giver with excellent rider feedback and incredible stability in the air. If you want a kite that is specially prepared for all your Freestyle and Wakestyle tricks but is also able to perform in waves when actively steered, then the 2017 North Dice is the one for you.

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Killer Kite Review by Ed
The adjustments they made to the kite from last year are clearly noticeable. The entire canopy seems tighter and more responsive. This just might be my favorite kite for 2017! Great for hooked in and unhooked jumping. (Posted on 10/29/2016)
Fast turning with great lift Review by Stan Radev
The Dice!!! I think North did it. I will say the 2017 Dice should coalify for the best kite ever made. NORTH Kiteboarding They took the wingtips from the 2016 Vegas and slapped them on the Dice, the kite feels tide. The new canopy layout gives the kite better drift than last year. Overall fast, intuitive awsome. (Posted on 9/19/2016)
direct fast great for unhook Review by Peteobh
I tested the new Dice last week. I ride the Dice since 2 years. Really like that the new Dice, is not so flexible on the tips, really good for heavier riders. The low end is better compared to last years model. Sportive and playful kite. Also good in waves... (Posted on 9/19/2016)

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