2017 North Evo

2017 North Evo

The 2017 North Evo is an all-around performer with plenty of stability and lift for kiters of all levels.

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The 2017 North Evo is the all-rounder of the North Kiteboarding line-up.  Whether it's surf, freeride, hydrofoil, big air, kite loops, hooked or unhooked, the Evo is on the job.  This delta, 5-strut design has everything you need to ride whatever, whenever.  With a powerful and responsive low end and high end, the Evo's range if freer than a farmers market chicken.  

New in 2017, the design team has added a bombproof Dacron frame, improved 3D shaping, and an updated wingtip design, giving the Evo a cleaner profile and faster turning.  The adaptive wing allows the rider to make a simple back pigtail adjustment to give the kite either light sheeting for a comfortable and forgiving feel or a harder bar feel for more instant and precise steering.  Also, the streamline strut system, which utilizes a thicker stiffer strut toward the leading edge tapering to a thin flexible trailing edge, lets the kite flex over the entire kite profile, increasing the kite's responsiveness especially in low-end winds.  And finally, the auto-relaunch feature claims to let you simply let go of the bar while the kite does the work for you.  

The 2017 North Evo is a great kite to move your riding forward and never hold you back.  Excelling in all areas of the sport, the Evo is perfect for those riders who don't want to be labeled, who ride in whatever style best suits the day.  It's two biggest qualities are stability and lift, making it a very easy and responsive kite to learn how to jump.  It's efficiency and range will get you on the water sooner and keep you out later, and its upwind performance will have you kiting while others are doing the walk of shame.  For all round performance, check out the North Evo.  

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