2017 North Neo

2017 North Neo

The 2017 North Neo is a high performance wave kite major with a minor in freeride and a concentration in progression.

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The 2017 North Neo continues its pursuit of the perfect wave kite.  With the success of North's last version, 2017 Neo retains its original moderate delta, three-strut architecture.   For 2017, the design team has made modest tweaks to enhance and improve the Neo's depower, turning speed, and direct feel, thus making the Neo even better than last year.  

A good surf kite, by definition, is one that drifts well, turns fast, has smooth, responsive power delivery, and has excellent depower.  It's a kite that is stable and predictable and has a direct feel so you know where it is while you focus on your bottom turn.  These same qualities also define both a good freeride kite and a good beginner kite.  The Neo presents all of this in a kite that delivers enough power to allow you to ride a smaller kite by 1-2 meters.

With tons of bridle tuning options, you can configure the Neo for your riding style and preferences.  The surf setting imparts smooth round turning and consistent power delivery, while the freeride setting provides increased depower and unleashes the full power of the Neo allowing you to ride the smallest possible kite.  Additionally, you can set the bar pressure to the hard or soft setting.  

If you are looking for wave kite that can freeride with the best of them, the 2017 North Neo should be on your radar.  Four or 5 line compatible, responsive steering even when depowered, and spritely turning with plenty of power make the Neo a solid choice whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider.  

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