Semi-private Kiteboarding Lessons

Semi-private Kiteboarding Lessons

Looking at trying out a kiteboarding lesson? Why not do it with a friend?

$100/hour per student.


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Grab a friend and get out there.

If you are desperate to learn a new skill and you have a friend with similar skills then a 2:1 session is always a classic time on the water. From complete beginner to budding expert we can take you to the best location and push your skill level. You will be sharing the same equipment and this means you’ll have plenty of time to take snaps of your friends and offer lots of advice from the comfortable peanut gallery on the Jetski. Why not give us a call and we’ll tell you some funny 2:1 stories!

 The first kite lesson is the best one to do together. We want to pair you up with a friend that is of similar weight and experience. There is a ton of information covered in the first lesson, so sharing that time together can be fun. We will be taking turns going back and forth flying the kite, but staying together. It is very beneficial to watch someone do the same thing you just tried. You get a much better visual understanding of what you were doing right and wrong. You also get to take short breaks allowing you to rest.

Starting at the beginning with understanding the wind window and how to set up the kite and lines. We will quickly move into the water and start flying the inflatable kite in a harness. Slowly putting the kite in the proper position that your instructor demonstrates. You will push the safety release and learn how to completely shut the kite off. Reset the quick release and do a relaunch. From there we will start some body dragging through the water. Not only is this super fun, it gives you a real respect for the power in the wind. Downwind body dragging to the left and right, generating power with the same technique used when riding the board. At some point the kite is going to crash into the water. Our instructor will be right next to you offering the best tips on relaunch. In waist deep water with brand new equipment and professional instruction the kite will back up quickly. Moving forward we change into upwind body dragging and one hand kite flying. Once you have good control and demonstrate all the challenges from your instructor we can start to play with the board.
Board dragging, one hand control and managing the kite and board at the same time can be challenging. The next step will be trying to get the board on your feet without rotating. Proper kite and board position will have you all lined up and ready to slide the feet into the straps. Now using the same skills learned earlier in the lesson we try to get a water start. Diving the kite down and standing up on the board you will start to sail across the water. or wipe out. It is a very exciting time in your learning kiteboarding, and really fun to share with a friend in a semi private lesson. Bring your phone in a waterproof case to capture some unforgettable moments with Force Kite and Wake.

Once your at the point in lessons where you can get up and ride a little, we really suggest taking private lessons. Private instruction really lets the instructor focus on you and dial in the gear to speed up your progression.


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transition from wake boarding to kitebaording Review by Chris
My name is Chris, and I am a complete newbie in the world of kiteboarding. As I began the serious consideration that kiteboarding could be my new sport of choice I started where probably a lot of others start, searching the internet for somebody’s story of what taking up the sport was like for them. Not finding much, I thought I would chronicle my journey into the sport, particularly with the perspective of coming from a wakeboard background.

Kiteboarding first peaked my interest a few years ago when I saw some kiters on the water a few blocks from where I lived in Long Beach, California. A local kite school had a huge tent set up on the beach where they were running a demo; I chatted with the owner for a few minutes to get an idea of what kiteboarding was all about and I was immediately intrigued. At the time I was totally dedicated to wakeboarding and filed the idea of learning kiteboarding away in the ‘maybe someday’ portion of my mind.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2015 when I moved to beautiful Chucktown. It had been over a year since I stopped wakeboarding and hadn’t found anything to scratch that itch of being on the water. When I saw Force Kite and Wake open, I had to stop in and check it out. This is when I first met Stan, and again I had the conversation about kiteboarding. It still sounded cool, but again I failed to act on the interest. After another summer and fall of very little wakeboarding due to no boat access and no riding crew I decided that it was time to get serious about learning kiteboarding, so at the beginning of April 2016 I walked back into Force and told Stan flatly ‘ok dude, I am ready to get into kiteboarding, where do I start?’. Stan’s response was an emphatic ‘FINALLY’. We got my first lesson on the calendar and he sent me off with a trainer kite and some instruction on how to teach myself to fly it.

First Lesson

After a couple hours doing YouTube homework on how to fly the trainer kite, and several more hours on the beach flying it, I was ready for my first lesson. When I arrived at the shop and met my coach Ed, I was instantly stoked and ready to get out there and learn. We hopped on the wave runner and headed out to the sandbar off Sullivan’s Island where we went over setting up the kite. Once Ed hooked the kite to my harness, I was immediately glad I had taken the time to learn the basics of kite flying on the trainer.

During the first part of the lesson we covered kite positioning, and spent a considerable amount of time learning body dragging and discussing the concept of going upwind. I was itching to get on the board and about halfway through the lesson, my foundation was built and I was ready to give it a shot. At the outset of my first lesson I set the ambitious goal of being up and riding before the end of the lesson. Coming from a wakeboard background, I was confident that I already had the necessary board skills and that learning the kite aspect was going to be the biggest initial challenge. Sure enough, I was up and riding both regular and goofy before the end of the first lesson, which was an awesome feeling! I cannot stress enough how helpful it was to have gotten started with the trainer kite; if you are just getting started on your own kiteboard journey I strongly suggest you do the same. Get a trainer kite, learn how to fly it, and put in however many hours it takes to get comfortable flying the kite and understanding the wind window and power zones, it will pay dividends when it is time to get in the water and do the real thing.

I am overall thrilled with how my first lesson went and I am pumped to have finally taken the plunge and committed to becoming a kiteboarder. My coach Ed was terrific in every way, his instruction was clear and he was able to completely tailor the lesson based on what concepts I grasped quickly and what skills I needed to pay more attention to. For me the areas I struggled with were heading upwind and re-launching my kite after crashing it attempting to go upwind. Ed was patient and his instructions were easy to understand. When I began to get frustrated he was able to re-center me and remind me that kiteboarding is awesome and I should be stoked with what I had done so far. Having the waverunner was a HUGE help in getting me in the best positions in the water to practice, with minimal breaks for heading upwind and resetting.

Going back to the first conversations I had with other riders about kiteboarding one of the common things I heard from everyone was to take a lesson. Coming from a wakeboard background, a sport I perceived to be closely related to kiteboarding, I was initially skeptical. Now that I am well on my way, I am so glad I listened to all that advice and invested in lessons. Kiteboarding has so much more going on than wakeboarding that it’s just not something you can do on your own regardless of board skills. You need a great coach to show you the ropes. This minimizes your frustration level and most importantly maximizes your safety and the safety of everyone else in the water and on the beach.

I can’t wait to get out on the water and continue learning and progressing. As I continue on my journey, I’ll be writing more posts and documenting my progress in an effort to offer some insight to anyone else who is considering starting their own venture into kiteboarding or already on their way. Until next time…

(Posted on 4/18/2016)
Best lesson ever!! Review by Stoked
My sister and I have been on a few family vacations where we took kite lessons. We have always wanted to continue our learning in Charleston and were so happy when FORCE opened. My parents are always worried about safety and were so happy when they realized FORCE assists all lessons with Jet Ski's. We shared a kite on our first lesson and Joanna allowed us to each have our own kite the next time on the water. We had so much fun and can't wait to get back out and learn to jump!!!! Thanks (Posted on 10/1/2015)
Book with FORCE Review by Hooked
My Buddy and I have wanted to try this sport for such a long time. We were stoked when FORCE came into town. We wanted the private experience and the Jet ski support was such a bonus. Stan was an amazing coach from the very beginning. He suggested we practice with the trainer kite on the beach and once we had that dialed to come in and book a lesson. Since we had the basic kite flying skills down we were ready to hit the water. We had such a blast each getting our first long rides. FORCE is the only place to go for quality instruction and gear. BOOK NOW!! (Posted on 10/1/2015)

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