Boosted Gen2 Dual+

Boosted Gen2 Dual+
The Dual+ is a technological marvel, cleverly disguised as an everyday longboard. BOOSTED Dual+ Gen 2 will be back in the shop this Friday 5/26.
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After much anticipation, Boosted is back!  Gen 2 Boosted Dual+ electric skateboards are on the way to our shop, and people are stoked!  After all, Boosted was the first electric skateboard to capture people's imaginations, pointing the way to the future of powerful and nimble electric skateboards as an alternative to the boring city commute or just a fun way to go no particular place at all.  Small enough to take with you wherever you may wander, the Boosted Dual+ is the perfect travel companion and fully certified for airline travel.

With the Gen 2 Boosted Dual+ and a standard battery pack, you get a range of 7 miles with a 22 mph top speed; more than enough to keep you stoked and mobile.  It's packing 2000 watts of power with the ability to handle 25% grade hills handily.  Well known for having the best remote on the market, the Boosted Dual+ has multiple setting to accommodate everyone from the rote beginner to the skate park hero.  Regenerative braking and a belt-drive system ensure maximum torque and efficiency.  While other companies are using in-wheel motors, Boosted is sticking with belts which are quieter, offer stronger braking, faster acceleration, and the ability to climb steeper hills.

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Get to your destination fast. Zip past bikers on your morning commute and arrive with plenty of time to grab a coffee. The Dual+ Drive is our fastest most powerful board.

Range - 7 Miles.

Expect 7 miles of range under normal riding conditions while in eco mode. In expert mode you can expect 6 miles of range. Riding slowly increases range, while hills and rough pavement decrease range. Regenerative brakes help you recoup energy riding down hills or coming to a stop. You can easily kick push the board if you do run out of battery, so you'll never be stranded. The Dual+ has an additional mode that unlocks the full potential of the board's power and acceleration; in this mode the range will be reduced to 4.5 miles.

Power - 2,000 Watts.

Race up hills with amazing torque. Elite Tour de France riders generate 500W riding up the mountains. You've got up to 4x that available on demand.

Uphill Climbing - 25% Grade.

Never walk up those steep hills or break a sweat again. You'll speed up unbelievably steep hills faster than even the most fully spandexed bikers.

Powerful Regenerative Braking.

Brake with confidence using Boosted's powerful regenerative braking system. Both driven wheels help slow you down so you can stop confidently even while turning or going down a hill. Highly efficient regeneration is active whenever you pull the brakes helping you recoup energy riding down hills or coming to a stop.

Product Specs.

Weight - 15 lbs

The board is light enough so you can easily carry it up stairs, in a restaurant or into any workplace. You can stow the board under your desk or lean it up against any wall - safe from people bumping into it.

Deck Length - 38 Inches

At the lower end of a typical longboard length, the board allows for great cruising on streets and sidewalks as well as the ability to easily stow in tight places.

Truck Width - 10 Inches

Genuine Caliber trucks match the Loaded Vanguard Deck geometry beautifully, giving you optimal wheel-to-deck clearance for clean carving. You'll feel sure and stable with the extra wide wheelbase from these 10" class longboarding trucks.

Wheel Size - 75mm.

The Orangatang In Heat wheels are perfect for hard turns, provide excellent traction and can easily handle manholes or cracks on the road.


In The Box.

Boosted Dual+ Electric Longboard.

Twin Brushless DC-Motors - 2,000 Watts Of Power. 

Boosted's dual drive plus provides rocket powered acceleration even on the steepest hills. Expect a smooth and balanced ride with unparralled power and torque. Stop on a dime with the additional power and torque accessible for braking. Our low profile, inner mount design protects the motors and keeps the ride height low to maximize your longboarding experience.

Lithium Iron Phosphate 99W-Hour Battery

Boosted's top tier automotive grade battery cells mean you get the perfect balance of portability, safety, power, and range. The cells are rated for 2,000+ full charge cycles, so you can expect the battery to last. Our fully custom state of the art Battery Management System (BMS) electronics protect your battery while providing accurate charge measurements.

Loaded 38 Inch Flexible Bamboo Vanguard Deck.

The team at Loaded makes some of the best longboarding decks in existence. With its fiberglass-reinforced bamboo laminate construction, the Vanguard is no exception. You'll barely notice the bumps when you're carving hard on this nimble and flexible deck.

Orangatang In Heat Wheels.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Orangatang's 75mm In Heat wheels are large enough to tackle the cracks and gravel the real world throws in your way. They've been designed for high speeds, excellent traction, and an overall smooth ride. You'll be carving hard with confidence on these hot orange kicks.

Caliber Trucks.

Choosing the right truck was all about performance. We asked longboarding pros what truck they preferred and they said Caliber for their clean ride and bulletproof design. We haven't been disappointed.

Remote Control.

Intuitive, proportional, and responsive, the fully custom Boosted remote gives you direct control over your ride. Accelerate or brake with an ergonomic thumbwheel while an LED display interface on the remote tells you how much range is left on the board. You'll find it simple to command the board to go as fast or as slow as you like or even go in reverse. An extra powerful Bluetooth LE wireless unit makes a solid link between the remote and the board.

60 Minute Charger.

Get rolling quickly with our standard 60 minute fast charger. Compact and easy to carry, the charger is similar in size and shape to a laptop charger. In a hurry? Plug in for just 30 minutes to get 85% of your charge.

User Manual.

All you need to know to get riding. This illustrated manual helps you learn the necessities quickly so you can get out and ride.


SKU boosteddualplus
Power 2,000 Watts
Top Speed 22 mph
its dope Review by paul
it fast (Posted on 10/27/2015)
MAX POWER! Review by Ed
This is the TURBO power Boosted skateboard! Accelerates and stops with amazing speed. Top speed is 22mph and it will race up a 25% grade hill with ease. Its really FAST!!! (Posted on 10/6/2015)

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