Cabrinha Freeride/Freestyle Package
2017 FX Kite, 2016 Overdrive control system, pump, & H1 straps
Comes with choice of 2017 board: Spectrum, Ace, Tronic, CBL, Stylus or XCaliber
Experience the ultimate 2017 Freeride package! The 2017 Cabrinha FX kite offers a great combination of high stability, massive air time, and a large wind range to keep you on the water and in style. Customize your ride further by selecting a board to fit your preferred style. Stick to a maximized freeride style with the standard Spectrum board or upgrade to the XCaliber to attain top tier height and wakestyle. Select the Stylus for to experience transcendent lightwind power, take the Tronic to smooth out choppy waters, or continue to the cable park and let your CBL board shine. The Ace board provides a balanced experience for those looking to experience a little bit of everything.

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For the aggressive freestyle aficionado, the 2017 Cabrinha FX wants to be your sky slaying weapon of choice. The 2017 Cabrinha FX is only in its second year but already it has garnered an enthusiastic following.  The magic behind this kite is its fusion of high-performance C-kite handling and flight characteristics with the depower and relaunch of a bridled kite.  This marriage of old school and new school pulls no punches.  Here is a kite that satisfies the needs of the intermediate to advance kiter in the disciplines of freestyle and freeride.  Hooked in or unhooked, big air and kite looping, the FX fits into the Cabrinha lineup right between the all around performing Switchblade and the dedicated freestyle specialist, the Chaos.   

The FX is a 3-strut, modified C-shape crossover kite with boxy wingtips and a short tight pulleyless bridle.  This is an aggressive performer that delivers explosive slack line pop for nailing unhooked tricks, huge boosts, big verticle lofty jumps and tight and gnarly forward pulling kite loops.   It has a highly responsive direct feel and smooth power delivery, predictable handling, good upwind performance, and dependable relaunch.  It's a C-kite in attitude and a bridled kite in aptitude harkening back to the early wild west days of kiteboarding but with all the advancements, wind range, ease, and safety of a modern kite.  

This year the FX, like much of Cabrinha's 2017 lineup, now utilizes Cabrinha's "Pure Profile Panels" which define a more precise canopy shape by allocating two canopy panels for every segment of the leading edge.  Cabrinha is also using an upgraded bridle line material that is stronger and more durable so that bridle line stretch doesn't degrade the kites performance over time.  They have also streamlined the Sprint Inflation System while making it easier to service.  The rear line adjustments can adjust the kites bar pressure, turning, and depower to your preference.

For the aggressive freestyle aficionado, the 2017 Cabrinha FX wants to be your sky slaying weapon of choice.  The FX's direct and powerful C-kite feel, super fast turning, and massive boost along with its easy relaunch and ample depower allow it to aptly occupy the space between freestyle kite and big air kite.  People riding this kite are stoked and you will be too!






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