The most professional & experienced kiteboarding lessons in the industry.

Jetski supported.

The jet ski enables us to be on the water longer and make the most of any wind direction and strength. We like to think of this method a little like a permanent ski hill with private lift, leading to faster mastery of skills and progression. The results are astounding, and regardless of your level, we can expand your knowledge and skills in no time.

Excellent Coaches.

Great days on the water are entirely reliant on fantastic coaches. At Force we understand great teachers come from not only a highly developed knowledge of our sports but also a sense of spirit which guides the lesson towards always being a truly memorable experience. After all, who wants to have commands barked at them for 3 hours straight. We are out there to have as much fun as possible!

Simple Methods Excellent Results.

Learning to kiteboard is one of the greatest experiences for anyone willing to try, and given the right conditions does not take especially long. In a matter of hours, you can be comfortably controlling a kite and take your first few rides to independence. At FORCE we execute a simple and time-tested method of theory and mainly practical teaching. Over the years this has given over 5000 kiteboarders the skills they need to go on and ride all over the world. 

Simple Pricing. Our pricing is simple and works around 3-hour sessions on the water.

See why, watch the video.


 What is kiteboarding?

 Kiteboarding is the exciting sport where you learn to harness the power of the wind with a kite and ride across the water standing on a board. Maybe you have seen people doing this, and they make it look easy. The traction kites used can be very powerful and should never be used without proper instruction. There are also many variables to consider such as wind speed, weather conditions, depth of water, current, tide, obstacles under water, etc.. Safety for you and other people around you is the most important thing. You need to have plenty of room, so you will not injure or intimidate other people enjoying the beach. Having access to an area where you can stand in waist deep water will significantly improve the speed and ease of learning.

There are basically two sides to the sport of kiteboarding. The first is the kite and the second is the board. The most commonly asked question asked is “How long does it take to learn?” Everyone is different and will learn and progress at a different pace. If you have experience in flying small 2 line stunt kites or traction kites and a board sports background in snowboarding, surfing or especially wakeboarding, it will help you learn faster. No experience in these other activities is necessary, it just seems to speed up the learning process. The absolute quickest way to learn is with professional instruction.

 Why is it important to take lessons?

 As with most things, taking lessons will give you the information you want in a controlled environment. Many of the physical actions used in kiteboarding are very counter intuitive. Not only making learning on your own incredibly frustrating but also very dangerous. Having a professional instructor beside you will significantly reduce the confusion and remove much of the risk to you and others nearby. What will probably take you days or weeks if not months to learn can be achieved in hours with the proper guidance.

 How much easier is it to learn with FORCE?

 Our coaches are Experienced, Efficient and Patient with thousands of lessons in all different conditions. We have a way of knowing what is going to work best for your progression. For some students, it's visual, while others want to talk about every little aspect. Our instructors are also very efficient in troubleshooting gear issues. Quite frequently we will be able to untangle or inflate kites and change kite size on the spot without much time. Maximizing your time practicing skills instead of untangling lines. Here at Force kite and wake we also have access to the newest and most advanced equipment in the industry. Your instructor will select the best gear set up for your lesson on that day to help you progress. Using some of the easiest relaunching kites with 100% depower safety systems to keep you comfortable and flying.   Once we finish the basics of rigging and understanding of safety, we begin flying a kite in the water. These Kites actually can generate a lot of power, and downwind body dragging is an excellent way to practice your power strokes. When doing this, you will be traveling downwind faster than expected. So instead of stopping and going to the beach and walking upwind with your kite for 10+ minutes we use a PWC jet ski. The instructor will fly the kite on the back of the ski while you drive the jet ski back upwind to the starting point. This saves a lot of time and lots of energy so you can keep progressing. When the time comes for you to get up and start riding the board, the jet ski is most important. You will get up and start riding at 10 to 20 mph across the wind, and your instructor will be right behind you offering on the fly tips and support. All throughout the lesson, the instructor is managing the safety by keeping you in the best spot away from other kiters and people enjoying the beach.

Self Sufficient? Another question we hear all the time is “ When will I be able to go practice on my own?” Again, Every person is different with their comfort level of choosing when to go out on their own for the first time.  Some people will take one lesson and then purchase gear and go practice body dragging and relaunching on their own if the conditions allow. Most people will take two lessons and then hopefully feel they are at a skill and comfort level to at least try on their own. It all depends on the conditions on where you will be practicing. Is it going to be shallow or deep? We try our best to get you up and riding, but remember safety is first. So knowing how to use the safety system and perform a self-rescue are very important. Self-sufficient also means different things to different people. For one person it may mean riding back and forth while staying upwind. For another, it may just be rigging, launching and landing or body dragging for a while. The instructors here at Force kite and wake will try their best to get your progression moving as fast as possible.What we want to make sure of is that you are knowledgeable of your practice area and understand what conditions are the safest. With a firm grasp on the core fundamentals of safety, your confidence and skills will grow.

 Advanced lessons? So now you can ride back and forth and stay upwind. What now? The sky is the limit! We teach jumping, air transitions, looping, unhooking, rolls, grabs and riding blind are just a few. What about riding a strapless surfboard or skim? Hydrofoil? Our coaches here at Force kite and wake can teach you what you want to learn.

Charleston riding locations. For the experienced, self-sufficient kiteboarder, Charleston has many options. Wave riding, secret slicks and down winders for miles! The lesson locations change with the wind direction and tide. We take great care in getting you the best possible conditions for smooth progression.

Student custom packages and support.

We understand everyone has a different budget and we will work with you to customize the correct gear package for you. Force offers exclusive pricing to our students to help them afford a complete gear setup to get them out on the water to continue practicing what they have just learned. We also proudly give ongoing support to students and clients here at the Mount Pleasant, S.C. location. Our students can feel free to call or come by the store and ask us any question about conditions and gear. Many of our students continue to get updates on when the conditions here are perfect for them to get out and practice. We also try to introduce or clients to each other so they can help each other at the beach.

 Many times throughout the year you can find Force kite and wake down on Sullivan's Island offering free demos of the newest kites and boards. Check in with us at 843-329-3004 or check out the website for updates! See you on the water soon.


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