Complete Kiteboarding Package

Complete Kiteboarding Package
This Complete Kiteboarding Package includes everything you need to hit the water kiteboarding!

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Here's a Complete Kiteboarding Package to take you from the starting line all the way to that well-deserved post session beer.  That's everything you need to unlock the full joy of kiteboarding at a steal of a deal.  This Complete Kiteboarding Package includes a 2017 Liquid Force NV paired with a Liquid Force Response Control Bar, a Liquid Force Overdrive kiteboard, Ruben Lenten's signature kiteboarding harness with a leash, and of course a pump.  Check out the details below.

The 2017 Liquid Force NV Kite

Coveted for its sage-like stability and predictable power, the NV has been tweaked ever closer to perfection. Among this year's improvements is more power when turning, a faster response time to bar input, and a more robust trailing edge.

The NEW 8th generation Envy has arrived! Now with an NV moniker and refined wingtip geometry. Noticeably improved input from the kite to the rider means you can spend more time looking at what you want instead of staring at the kite. This year the Leading Edge diameter has been reduced which provides more flying speed through the window and reducing any back stalling that occurs in low wind conditions. The 2017 NV 8 has added a V load transfer connection to the bridal system which has eliminated canopy distortion while improving the already legendary stability. Retaining its reputation of Bombproof construction and amazing versatility for different riding styles. Whether you love riding rails or down the line wave riding the new NV goes beyond your expectations!

The Liquid Force Response Control Bar

Now instead of having to own two bars you can simply adjust the size of the bar with no tools required. On both ends of the bar, you will see two buttons that when pressed allow you to turn the ends in or out. You get a full 10 cm difference from 56cm to 46cm. The bar now has some contoured shape for a better feel in your hands. Bright orange and black coloring for a quick and easy visual on hand placement after letting go. Bar winders are nice and wide for an easy wrap-up and are padded to protect the rider and equipment. The push away safety system works easily and efficiently for immediate 100% depower when needed and resets quickly. The flagging line leash connector has 2 rings so advanced unhooked riders can rig with a no flag option, but still have the push away safety option. Above the bar depower cleat is much easier to use in overpowered conditions. By simply pulling down on the trim loop the kite will have less pull and the trim line can be attached to the side of the cleat with velcro keeping the line out of view. You now can adjust the center line length from the rider to the trim cleat. This makes it very simple for the rider to customize the setting for their arm length and comfort. The Response control bar has a thick ceramic swivel to help keep your center lines untangled and resists corrosion for smooth action. There is also a below the bar swivel for quick line maintenance. Lines are colored orange and gray for better visual while rigging and are super helpful when setting up on the snow. This will come in handy when rigging your new ELITE foil kite from Liquid Force on your next snow kite session! 

The Liquid Force Overdrive Kiteboard

The 2017 Liquid Force Over Drive bridges the gap between the high performance and the free riding category in the twin-tip lineup. Available in two sizes, 142 x 45 cm & 148 x 45.5 cm, to get you out riding and having more fun on the water instead of mowing the lawn when the breeze is light. The board features a profiled wood core construction with biax/triax glass layers and longitudinal reinforcement strips to provide the Over Drive with lasting strength and durability that all Liquid Force boards are known to have.

The Over Drive also features a low rocker line, subtle single concave and hybrid mid flex at the tips with a stiff center. This allows the board to have exceptional upwind capabilities and get planing more efficiently in light wind without sacrificing any performance when jumping and carving around in the waves. The Over Drive is a great board for beginners who are looking to ride upwind consistently, link transitions, or practice jumping in light wind conditions. If you are a heavier rider that is looking to get more hours on the water, combine the 148cm Over Drive with the 15.5m or 17.5m Solo Kite to score a fun session no matter what the wind conditions are like. 

The Mystic LEN10 Warrior Harness

If the name Ruben Lenten doesn't mean anything to you, perhaps you can tell us about the kiteboarding scene in your galaxy.  Here in the Milky Way and specifically on the planet Earth, Ruben is synonymous with extreme.  Based on the Mystic Warrior Harness, the LEN10 Warrior Harness has been pimped a la Ruben.  The collaboration between Mystic and Ruben works like this; Ruben knows what he wants and Mystic knows how to build it.  Any questions? 

So, if you want a Complete Kiteboarding Package to hit the water running, this package has the goods.  It's all right here.  What are you waiting for?

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