Executive Kiteboarding Package

Executive Kiteboarding Package
This Executive Kiteboarding Package includes the finest equipment on the market to get you riding in style!

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Our 2017 Executive Kiteboarding Package features nothing but the best equipment money can buy.  If only the best will do, this is the package for you.  Featuring the "Mercedes" of kites, the "Jaguar" of boards, and the "Cadillac" of harnesses, this package is a class above the rest and available to you at an impressive discount, no country club membership required.

This package includes:

1. A Cabrinha Switchblade kite with a Cabrinha Overdrive adjustable length bar configured with your choice of Recoil or Trim Line depower system and a Quickloop or Fireball connection system.
2. A Xenon Rayo twin tip with extra plush pads and straps and top of the line fins
3. A RideEngine harness
4. A tall 3 Liter pump.  

Let's take a closer look.

Cabrinha Switchblade - The 2017 Cabrinha Switchblade is an all-around high-aspect high-performance 5-strut kite that is meticulously refined and expertly crafted.  Key to what makes the Switchblade arguably the king of kites, is its rock solid stability, huge power, and massive depower.  

Cabrinha Overdrive 1X Bar - The 2017 Cabrinha Overdrive 1X bar can be adjusted to either 48cm or 56 cm and can be combined with either the Fireball system or the Quick Loop System and either the Recoil Trim System or the TrimLite Cleat System.  More refined than ever and with more customizable options, the Overdrive bar is dependable, functional, low profile, and comfortable to the nth degree.  Oh, and don't forget the Cabrinha leash, so nice!

Xenon Rayo - Manufactured in Poland and Austria with uncompromising quality, the finest and most durable materials, and pro rider polished, tried and true shapes, the Rayo is light, agile and smooth.  If you want to progress your riding, you need the right equipment.  The Rayo rockets upwind, excels in light wind, eats chop with effortless dignity, and makes landing your jumps a breeze.   It comes fully equipped with perhaps the most comfortable pads and straps on the market and super high quality G-10 custom CNC fins.

Ride Engine Harness - The Ride Engine Harness Hex-Core Grey is revolutionary new harness incorporating a rigid back construction that doesn't pinch.  Bringing unheard of comfort to a notoriously uncomfortable piece of equipment, the Ride Engine harness is one of the best things to happen to kiteboarding since the bridled kite.  

A Tall Red 3-Liter Pump - While a kite pump may be the last thing to come to mind when thinking about luxury, that beautiful, tall, and red 3-Liter pump makes inflating your kite feel almost indulgent.  Get the job done faster and in style and, more importantly, achieve proper inflation without the inherent struggles of a lesser apparatus.  

SKU Executive Kiteboarding Package
top notch stuff Review by Yani
This package is the bomb. I've been flying the Cabrinha Switchblade since before it was popular, back when the Crossbow was all the rage. The Switchblade has gotten better every year and this year is no different. Now, I am also a huge fan of Xenon, too. The Rayo is a smooth performer with such high quality construction that I may never need another twin tip. And then, the Ride Engine is the harness that I didn't know I needed. I had gotten so used to the mild discomfort of my old harness that I thought it was just a necessary evil; something to live with because as great as kiting is, everything has it's downside. I'm so glad to be wrong about that. Ride Engine is a joy to wear. I am stoked and style'n! (Posted on 1/7/2017)

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