Lightwind Kiteboarding Package (Solo 17.5)

Lightwind Kiteboarding Package
Lightwind Kiteboarding Package (Solo 17.5)

Regular Price: $3,700.00

Special Price $1,895.00

Hours of riding joy can be yours while the less fortunate sit on the beach waiting for more wind.

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Regular Price: $3,700.00

Special Price $1,895.00

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Here's a package that virtually guarantees that you will get more time on the water.  For all of you who live in light wind country, simply want to kiteboard more, or for you big boys who need just a little bit more kite and board to get your jollies.  Whether you want to ride when it's blowing a scant 10 knots or you just need an extra push, this is the package for you. Imagine yourself flying a Liquid Force Solo atop the Liquid Force Libre.  Hours of riding joy can be yours while the less fortunate sit on the beach waiting for more wind.

The trick to riding in light wind is all about having the proper equipment.  Not all kites can do it.  Some are too heavy, some don't have the efficiency, and others don't have the size.  It goes without saying that not all boards are up to the task either.  You need surface area, a flat rocker-line and specialized bottom shaping.  The Liquid Force Solo and Libre are just the specialists for the job.  With the Solo's light weight one-strut design and efficient architecture and the Libre's purposefully crafted real estate, you can maximize your time on the water and isn't that what we all really want?  

The Solo comes complete with a Liquid Force leash and the Liquid Force Response Bar, a tried and tested dependable bar that adjusts from 46cm to 56cm so that you can use it with the smaller kites in your quiver, too. Or upgrade to one of the most sought after new bars on the market, the Liquid Force Mission Control.  Adjustable from 49cm to 55cm, the Mission Control is a one-piece molded composite bar with a PU wrapped chicken line and an ultra fail-safe safety system.  The Mission Control is 50% lighter, simple, and clean, not to mention comfortable and distinctly good-looking. 

The Libre comes complete with quality Liquid Force 5 cm fins and Liquid Force Pro Pad Footstrap, offering luxurious comfort with a myriad of customizable adjustments to fit any rider's feet and stance.  Whether you have narrow or wide feet, high or low instep feet, long or short-toed feet, long or narrow arched feet, or wide and bulky feet, the Pro Pad footstraps have got you covered in style.   

You also have the option of adding Mystic's Warrior Len10 harness developed in conjunction with the legendary Ruben Lenten.  The Warrior Len10 is comfortable with plenty of lumbar support and technical features to keep you riding in comfort.  If it's good enough for Ruben, it's good enough for anyone!

Also included in this package is a Liquid Force Leash and a 3 Liter Tall Red Pump.

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