Evolve GT Carbon Street Electric Skateboard

Evolve GT Carbon Street Electric Skateboard

The fastest electric skateboard ever built that runs 30miles on one charge.

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If you have read our write-up on the Evolve Bamboo GT Series Street electric skateboard, you now know why the Bamboo GT Street skateboard is, unlike so many things falsely lauded as such, verifiably awesome.  So, if the Bamboo Series GT Street is awesome, what can be said about the Evolve Carbon Series GT Street electric skateboard?  We could easily go with "more awesome", but we think you'll agree upon closer examination, that "most awesome" is the only way to describe it.  Here's why.

First, as a statement of fact, the Evolve Carbon GT Street is the most advanced electric skateboard in the world.  It is the fastest most powerful board on the market with the longest range to boot.  It's not even a competition.  Like its Bamboo brother, the Carbon Street is pumping a ridiculous 3000 watts of power through two twin sensor brushless motors giving it the juice to tackle 25% gradients and hit high speeds approaching 26 miles per hour.  Also, like its brother, the Carbon Street sports front and rear Super carve trucks for smooth carving performance.  Both are rocking customizable wheel options and both sport 42 Volt Lithium Ion Batteries with custom BMS.  Both boast Abec 9 Speedball Precision Bearings. Both can haul the same 220 lb payload and both weigh in at the same 17 lbs.  

Now let's look at the differences.  The first thing you'll notice is the deck.  The Carbon Streets' deck is, as you may suspect, made of Carbon.  It's also got Kevlar reinforcement.  This construction is strong, sleek, and seamless with the battery being fully integrated into the deck, giving it a super futuristic low profile show.  Since Carbon is lighter, the engineers at Evolve have been able to make the board 2 inches longer than the Bamboo version.   That extra length provides better control at top end speeds and more importantly makes room for a good deal more battery real estate giving it 10 more miles of range.  Same weight, more battery, more range.  The Carbon construction also gives it a stiffer deck which makes for a solid feel and enhanced control at full throttle.  Combined with a wheel base of 33.5 inches compared to the Bamboos' 29 inch wheel base, the Carbon Series GT Street has a wider and more stable connection to the road.    

All together, the Carbon GT Street has all of the awesomeness of the Bamboo GT Street, but with a side of awesome, and a liberal sprinkling of awesome sauce.  You can't get more awesome than that and that's why it's the most awesome.   If you're into awesome, we suggest the Bamboo GT Street.  If you're looking for the most awesome though, the Carbon GT Street is the only choice.  Sometimes choices are confusing.  This is not one of those times.


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