Evolve GT Bamboo Street Electric Skateboard

Evolve GT Bamboo Street Electric Skateboard

The fastest electric skateboard ever built that runs 20miles on one charge.

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Let's talk about awesome for a moment.  Not everything is awesome.  People have come to use "awesome" for things that are a far cry from actually awesome, and that's a shame.  That being as it may, I'm going to tell you about something that is truly awesome and thereby give the word back some of its dignity.  Ready?  The Evolve Bamboo GT Series Street Electric Skateboard is AWESOME!  Does it deserve all caps?  Yes, it does, and the exclamation mark, too.  Evolve is putting out the best, longest range, fastest, and most high-performance electric skateboards in the world.  

These low-rider longboards are super high tech, sporting the new wider super-carve system (double trucks) for smooth turning bliss, 12-20 miles of range, and two powerful twin sensor brushless motors pumping out 3000 watts of power.  That's enough power to conquer 25% gradients and accelerate you to top speeds of 22-26 miles per hour.  How's that for some awe?  If that doesn't do it for you, you have clearly not ridden one.

Stepping onto the GT Street is like stepping onto any quality longboard only way more exciting.  With the all new Evolve Series Remote in hand and massive power underfoot, we recommend taking a graduated approach.  Easily set the mode to "SLOW,"  push the ergonomic remote's thumb accelerator, and you're off.  Once you've got the hang of it, you can switch modes on the fly.  Switch to "ECO" for a relaxed ride with optimal range or put it in "FAST" mode and get in the passing lane.  Or, if you're an adrenaline junky, put it on "GT" mode to unleash its full power and acceleration.  Check your speed, battery level, and range on the remotes easy to read built-in digital LCD screen.  

The Bamboo GT Series Street board's low profile and  Gen2 deck with flexible battery case give it a soft surfy feel.  Customize it with a selection of wheels for different ride characteristics.  Take it to work or school, or just go ride for the sheer joy of it.  With loads of speed, carving, and range, the Bamboo GT Series Street is ready to take you to a new happy place and make your life, in a word, awesome.

What's in the Box?

- Evolve Bamboo Electric Skateboard with Street tires.

- Standard charger

- Skate tool

- Remote Control

- Remote Control Charging Cable

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