Happy Foil Board 4'10"

Happy Foil Board 4'10"
Lighter, Smaller and full of Happy
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Happiness, isn't that what it's all about?  It's why we started kiteboarding.  It's why we are constantly looking out the window and checking our wind apps.  We know how to achieve happiness, it's called kiteboarding, and now, thanks to the Happy Foil Board 4.10, we can have more of it.  The Happy Foil will have you looking forward to the next light wind day.  Yes, riding a foil is just what the doctor prescribed to help you out of the light wind blues and into the ocean blue.  And the Happy Foil board from Liquid Force is just the pill to do it.

Liquid Force's Happy Foil is a double agent for joy.  With a strong and light construction applied to a wake surf platform, the Happy Foil can be set up as an FCS compatible quad fin small wave ripper or a magic light wind flying carpet.   The choice is yours.  Speaking of options, where are you going to mount those straps?  Do you prefer two straps in the inline configuration or three straps in the staggered set up?  With a myriad of strap inserts, the Happy Foil will give you happy feet.   Combined with the 90 mm standard spacing mast track, you can tune the Happy Foil to just your station. 

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