Private Kiteboarding Lessons

Private Kiteboarding Lessons

Taking private lessons will allow the instructor to focus on just you.

$150 per hour booked in 3 hour blocks.


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Looking at trying out a kiteboarding lesson?

Picking the best kiteboarding equipment and conditions for your ability level. If you are already starting to ride a little, let us take you further faster with on the fly water support. Your instructor will be right behind you on a Jetski offering on the fly tips and immediate support.

No need to spend half the kiteboarding lesson walking back upwind. If you do end up inverting your kite or getting a tangle, we can quickly juggle the bar or re rig to keep you on the water. One on one instruction is the fastest way to learn kiteboarding. Each of our instructors has extensive time teaching and access to some of the best new gear.

Buzzing out from the marina on the FORCE Skis, setting up the equipment and taking on some new challenges with your own private coach leads to the quickest learning curve there is. Regardless of your level it is the ultimate way to quickly pick up all the skills you need to have better sessions and take your kiting to new places.

 Private Lessons | $150 per hour / 3 hour blocks. 

Everything is included! For more information call p:843-329-3004

 See how it works.

Why is it important to take lessons?

 As with most things, taking lessons will give you the information you want in a controlled environment. Many of the physical actions used in kiteboarding are very counter intuitive. Not only making learning on your own extremely frustrating but also very dangerous. Having a professional instructor beside you will greatly reduce the confusion and remove much of the risk to you and others nearby. What will probably take you days or weeks if not months to learn can be achieved in hours with the proper guidance.

How much easier is it to learn with FORCE Kite and Wake?

 Our coaches are Experienced, Efficient and Patient with thousands of lessons in all different conditions. We have a way of knowing what is going to work best for your progression. For some students its visual, while others want to talk about every little aspect. Our instructors are also very efficient in trouble shooting gear issues. Quite frequently we will be able to untangle or inflate kites and change kite size on the spot without much time. Maximizing your time practicing skills instead of untangling lines. Here at FORCE we also have access to the newest and most advanced equipment in the industry. Your instructor will select the best gear set up for your lesson on that day to help you progress. Using some of the easiest relaunching kites with 100% depower safety systems to keep you comfortable and flying.

Why do we teach from a jetski?

 Once we finish the basics of rigging and understanding of safety, we begin flying the kite in the water. These Kites really can generate a lot of power, and down wind body dragging is an excellent way to practice your power strokes. When doing this you will be traveling down wind faster then expected. So instead of stopping and going to the beach and walking upwind with your kite for 10+ minutes we use a PWC jet ski. The instructor will fly the kite on the back of the ski while you drive the jet ski back upwind to the starting point. This saves a lot of time and lots of energy so you can keep progressing. When the time comes for you to get up and start riding the board, the jet ski is most important. You will get up and start riding at 10 to 20 mph across the wind and your instructor will be right behind you offering on the fly tips and support. All throughout the lesson the instructor is managing the safety by keeping you in the best spot away from other kiters and people enjoying the beach. 

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Incredible overall experience! Review by Jacob
Since moving to Charleston last year I have been dying to get out and try kiteboarding. After tons of online research and speaking with a few local kiters I made the decision to take my first lesson with FORCE. The staff at force made me feel welcome immediately and they seemed to share the same level of excitement that I was feeling about the sport. After checking the conditions to assure that I would get the most out of my time on the water we headed out on the Waverunner. My coach did an amazing job of explaining things thoroughly and making me feel safe and confident in each step of the process. He recognized my strengths and weaknesses immediately and custom tailored my lesson around them. After about 2 hours of steady progression I was able to get up on the board for my first ride and now I am %100 hooked on the sport! Force was able to take their years of experience and cut my learning curve like I never thought possible. I feel confident that taking lessons with force was the best decision I could have made to jumpstart my new found passion! (Posted on 8/26/2016)
transition from wake boarding to kitebaording Review by Chris
My name is Chris, and I am a complete newbie in the world of kiteboarding. As I began the serious consideration that kiteboarding could be my new sport of choice I started where probably a lot of others start, searching the internet for somebody’s story of what taking up the sport was like for them. Not finding much, I thought I would chronicle my journey into the sport, particularly with the perspective of coming from a wakeboard background.

Kiteboarding first peaked my interest a few years ago when I saw some kiters on the water a few blocks from where I lived in Long Beach, California. A local kite school had a huge tent set up on the beach where they were running a demo; I chatted with the owner for a few minutes to get an idea of what kiteboarding was all about and I was immediately intrigued. At the time I was totally dedicated to wakeboarding and filed the idea of learning kiteboarding away in the ‘maybe someday’ portion of my mind.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2015 when I moved to beautiful Chucktown. It had been over a year since I stopped wakeboarding and hadn’t found anything to scratch that itch of being on the water. When I saw Force Kite and Wake open, I had to stop in and check it out. This is when I first met Stan, and again I had the conversation about kiteboarding. It still sounded cool, but again I failed to act on the interest. After another summer and fall of very little wakeboarding due to no boat access and no riding crew I decided that it was time to get serious about learning kiteboarding, so at the beginning of April 2016 I walked back into Force and told Stan flatly ‘ok dude, I am ready to get into kiteboarding, where do I start?’. Stan’s response was an emphatic ‘FINALLY’. We got my first lesson on the calendar and he sent me off with a trainer kite and some instruction on how to teach myself to fly it.

First Lesson

After a couple hours doing YouTube homework on how to fly the trainer kite, and several more hours on the beach flying it, I was ready for my first lesson. When I arrived at the shop and met my coach Ed, I was instantly stoked and ready to get out there and learn. We hopped on the wave runner and headed out to the sandbar off Sullivan’s Island where we went over setting up the kite. Once Ed hooked the kite to my harness, I was immediately glad I had taken the time to learn the basics of kite flying on the trainer.

During the first part of the lesson we covered kite positioning, and spent a considerable amount of time learning body dragging and discussing the concept of going upwind. I was itching to get on the board and about halfway through the lesson, my foundation was built and I was ready to give it a shot. At the outset of my first lesson I set the ambitious goal of being up and riding before the end of the lesson. Coming from a wakeboard background, I was confident that I already had the necessary board skills and that learning the kite aspect was going to be the biggest initial challenge. Sure enough, I was up and riding both regular and goofy before the end of the first lesson, which was an awesome feeling! I cannot stress enough how helpful it was to have gotten started with the trainer kite; if you are just getting started on your own kiteboard journey I strongly suggest you do the same. Get a trainer kite, learn how to fly it, and put in however many hours it takes to get comfortable flying the kite and understanding the wind window and power zones, it will pay dividends when it is time to get in the water and do the real thing.

I am overall thrilled with how my first lesson went and I am pumped to have finally taken the plunge and committed to becoming a kiteboarder. My coach Ed was terrific in every way, his instruction was clear and he was able to completely tailor the lesson based on what concepts I grasped quickly and what skills I needed to pay more attention to. For me the areas I struggled with were heading upwind and re-launching my kite after crashing it attempting to go upwind. Ed was patient and his instructions were easy to understand. When I began to get frustrated he was able to re-center me and remind me that kiteboarding is awesome and I should be stoked with what I had done so far. Having the waverunner was a HUGE help in getting me in the best positions in the water to practice, with minimal breaks for heading upwind and resetting.

Going back to the first conversations I had with other riders about kiteboarding one of the common things I heard from everyone was to take a lesson. Coming from a wakeboard background, a sport I perceived to be closely related to kiteboarding, I was initially skeptical. Now that I am well on my way, I am so glad I listened to all that advice and invested in lessons. Kiteboarding has so much more going on than wakeboarding that it’s just not something you can do on your own regardless of board skills. You need a great coach to show you the ropes. This minimizes your frustration level and most importantly maximizes your safety and the safety of everyone else in the water and on the beach.

I can’t wait to get out on the water and continue learning and progressing. As I continue on my journey, I’ll be writing more posts and documenting my progress in an effort to offer some insight to anyone else who is considering starting their own venture into kiteboarding or already on their way. Until next time…

(Posted on 4/18/2016)
Highly Reccomended Review by Safety First
My 12 year old son had been begging me to take a kite lesson. HIs mom and I were reluctant at first due to safety concerns. Stan and the coaches at FORCE assured me that not only would they teach him to kite and have fun, but he would also learn safety . Music to our ears!! We were also really impressed to learn that the coaches are next to him the entire time teaching from a jet ski. My son has now taken several lessons and is having a blast. We highly recommend FORCE Kite and Wake (Posted on 9/29/2015)
Hooked!! Review by David
I booked a private lesson with Ed from FORCE. I was impressed how many years of experience he had teaching kiteboarding. I have taken a few lesson prior from other schools but learned that it takes more than being a good kiter to be a good teacher. I really wanted to progress and take my kiting to the next level. After a 3 hour lesson with Ed i was finally jumping!!!! Such an Epic day on the water. Thanks Ed (Posted on 9/29/2015)
YAAAAA!!! Review by Tara
My husband has been kiting for several years and has been been begging me to take a lesson. Was happy when I found FORCE. Was really impressed on their teaching methods. I was super hesitant and nervous at first, but time on the water with Joanna was all i needed to boost my confidence. She really broke down each step from kite flying to safety to being proficient on the board. I even got my first short ride on my first lesson. I have booked several more lessons with Joanna and I am sure the next kiting adventure my husband book we will be on the water riding together. Thanks again (Posted on 9/29/2015)
Fun day on the water Review by Review
I just had the best day on my private kite lesson with Joanna. When booking at FORCE Stan the owner assured me that no matter what my athletic ability was the coaching staff could get me kiteboarding. I was really nervous since i didn't have any prior board skills. Joanna was patient and very encouraging the entire time resulting in me getting my first ride!!! I can't wait to get back on the water and take another lesson (Posted on 9/29/2015)
The BEST Coaches on the water Review by Brendan
The Force kiteboard lesson program is the best thing to happen to Charleston since the new Copper River Bridge was open back in 2005. Since moving to Charleston, I have tried to progress my kiteboarding skills on my own due to prior wakeboard experience and a do it yourself attitude. After seemingly endless walks back upwind on the beach I finally figured out how to kiteboard in 2011. When Force opened up back in May 2015 and offered kite lessons with jetski assist, I knew I had to sign up for a lesson and learn how to foil board behind the kite. The coaches are very professional and know how to properly instruct the skills necessary to learn rapidly. Within 30mins of my foil lesson i had rocketed a mile downwind. It only took a few minutes to hop on the jets and drive back upwind and helped progress my riding enormously. At the end of the lesson, I was able to ride upwind in both directions and stay on the foil easily in the butter flat conditions surrounding Charleston's beaches. Whether you are brand new to kiteboarding or an experienced rider looking to progress your riding, Force offers the best lesson program in the industry! (Posted on 9/19/2015)

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