Liquid Force 12 WOW Complete with bar and pump

Liquid Force 12 WOW Complete with bar and pump
The 2016 WOW is an amazing all-around kite that excels in big boosting jumps and quick turns. We paired the kite with the Liquid Force Response bar and Max Flow pump to get you on the water for a close-out price!

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This Complete Kiteboarding Package is for riders with their eyes firmly focused on progression.  Sporting the sporty 2016 12 Meter Wow, a kite that is equally at home boosting to the stratosphere as it is gently drifting down the line.  Add a Liquid Force Response bar and a Max Flow pump, and you have everything you need to take your riding to the next level.  With this Complete Kiteboarding Package, you will have the right tools to get you there.

2016  Liquid Force Wow 12m Kite

The 2017 Liquid Force Wow will have you saying "Wow"!  Maybe WOW stands for "Wide Open Waves" or perhaps they just couldn't think of a better name, either way, the jury could not be reached for comment as they are out kiting on one right now.  Let's look into what the Wow is all about.

The short answer is waves, but there's more to it than just that.  The characteristics that define a good wave Kite are: depower, fast turning, and drift. It goes without saying that such a kite is stable and has good kite architecture from the get go.  The wow doesn't disappoint. In fact, it thrives, with pivotal turning, power on demand, and the drift of a dandelion seed. So it should be no surprise that this kite does more than just slash waves, it's a free ride beast, too. Lofty jumps, tight loops, and floaty transitions will have you saying one final "Wow!" before you make one your own.

If you're the wave riding type that also likes to spend some time at altitude, check out the Wow, a solid and dependable kite with the ability to go where you want it to be to put you in the sweet spot.  Isn't it nice when there's truth in advertising?  Whether you take one down the line on a surfboard or bust out the twin tip to punch some holes in the sky, the 2017 Liquid Force Wow is waiting for you.

The 2017 Liquid Force Wow is a bread and butter wave kite with a healthy portion of free ride.  Fast turning, smooth power delivery, and excellent drift conspire to make you call it by name.

The 2017 Liquid Force WOW is a high-performance kiteboarding kite that suits perfectly new riders and experts.

2016 Liquid Force Response Bar

Now instead of having to own two bars you can simply adjust the size of the bar with no tools required. On both ends of the bar, you will see two buttons that when pressed allow you to turn the ends in or out. You get a full 10 cm difference from 56cm to 46cm. The bar now has some contoured shape for a better feel in your hands. Bright orange and black coloring for a quick and easy visual on hand placement after letting go. Bar winders are nice and wide for an easy wrap-up and are padded to protect the rider and equipment. The push away safety system works easily and efficiently for immediate 100% depower when needed and resets quickly. The flagging line leash connector has 2 rings so advanced unhooked riders can rig with a no flag option, but still have the push away safety option. Above the bar depower cleat is much easier to use in overpowered conditions. By simply pulling down on the trim loop the kite will have less pull and the trim line can be attached to the side of the cleat with velcro keeping the line out of view. You now can adjust the center line length from the rider to the trim cleat. This makes it very simple for the rider to customize the setting for their arm length and comfort. The Response control bar has a thick ceramic swivel to help keep your center lines untangled and resists corrosion for smooth action. There is also a below the bar swivel for quick line maintenance. Lines are colored orange and gray for better visual while rigging and are super helpful when setting up on the snow. This will come in handy when rigging your new ELITE foil kite from Liquid Force on your next snow kite session!

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