Liquid Force Foil - Low Aspect Wing Set

Liquid Force Foil - Low Aspect Wing Set
Replacement Foil Low Aspect Wings for the Liquid Force Foil Set
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Accidents happen but no need to worry, the Liquid Force Foil is a modular setup and everything can be replaced! These Low Aspect Wings help you get up onto the foil quickly and allow you to cruise with ease during your next freeride session!
Easy foiling Review by Yani
I've heard a lot of stories about people having a really hard time learning how to foil. Some of these stories involve trying to learn with a high aspect foil verses a low aspect foil. I can tell you from experience, having tried both kinds, the low aspect foil is by far the better choice to get you started. The Liquid Force low aspect foil assembly is easy to ride and foils at very, amazingly in fact, low speeds. This makes the experience way easier and much less intimidating. With the low aspect wing you will find success much sooner, whether it be just riding or learning how to carve turns. I highly recommend this foil setup! (Posted on 2/22/2017)

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