liquid force golf bag

liquid force golf bag
2017 Liquid Force Go Kite Golf Bag is the choice for travel this year. It's my golf clubs, spare kilts, and members only jacket collection.
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Liquid Force Golf Bag

What's in a bag?  Well, if the bag says "golf," most people will figure it's golf clubs.  With some practice, you too can pretend to be a golfer and the only thing better than not being a golfer traveling to some tropical paradise is being a kiteboarder not paying extra fees.  While it may not work every time, there still isn't a better strategy for traveling with kite gear.  To afford yourself the best chances, may we suggest looking the part with some plaid pants and a sweater vest.  No matter what happens when you check in your luggage, you want to know that your stuff, and the thing holding your stuff, is not going to get damaged en route.  So, while we can't guarantee you won't pay any fees, we can tell you this bag is made with extra padding, rugged materials, and bombproof craftsmanship.  It's also designed by Liquid Force's own Julian Fillion, so you know your 148 kiteboard and kite quiver will sleep safe and sound until you're ready to hit the water.     

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