Liquid Force Rocket Kite Foil Set

Liquid Force Rocket Kite Foil Set
Easy to ride kite foil, with long fuselage, low aspect wings and skinner mast.

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Just over a year ago Liquid Force reinvented the foil industry by introducing the now legendary Foil Fish. The next generation model Rocket Fish has arrived with huge improvements. Improved performance in shape, weight, adjustability and durability. The Rocket Fish Hydrofoil is easy to ride and very affordable.
Here are a few of the features the team here at Force Kite and Wake recognize.
The Wings:
     Fiber glass wings- We all know that it is possible to hit the bottom every session. The fiberglass wings are very strong and easy to repair or replace.
     Low Aspect ratio wings are great of light winds because they allow you to get up gliding in very low speeds, this is also a great advantage when learning.
The Fuselage:
     The 71cm fuselage is the longest in the industry. This is a huge advantage over every competitor model because it makes the board less sensitive when           shifting your weight and minimizes the “ Dolphin dive” up and down motion.
     Made out of solid aluminum. Yes it adds weight, but knowing that you may hit the bottom this adds strength where needed without compromise.
     The removable fuselage brings two huge advantages. 1. easy to travel with. 2. Easy to replace.
The Mast:
     Now a quarter inch thinner than the Foil Fish
     Less drag without sacrificing durability
     The New adjustable track mounting system is a huge improvement. Allowing you to choose the most comfortable position for your session.
The Board:
     Can be used without the mast with the small 3 fin thruster set up
             Increased rocker line at the nose for better recovery
     Now 5’ long ( 3” shorter then the Foil Fish) and lighter
     Very durable  
The Straps:
     New dual V front strap configuration for Jibe.
            You can also still use one center foot strap position for easier learning.
NTERCHANEABLE PARTS:  There are two crucial benefits to having separate parts with this simple design. First, each part can be easily assembled and taken apart. This allows the foil to be easily stored when traveling long distances to the beach and not have to end up hanging out of your sunroof or leave it sticking out of your car trunk. Second, each piece of the foil set is easily replaceable. IF you happen break anything, a new part can be installed fast and you do not have to order an entirely new foil.  Be on the lookout for the release of new Liquid Force foil parts including an extended fuselage, wider mast, as well as medium and high aspect wings. These new parts will allow you to experiment and customize your foilboard to your desired feel when riding. 
RELIABLE DURABILITY:  Another great feature is the durable, aluminum extrusion  construction. Focused for the beginner and all the way to advanced foil boarder, this gives you the confidence to crash without worrying and is a huge benefit if you are hard on your gear. Here at FORCE, we are constantly dealing with shifting sandbars and moderate tides, which can sometimes lead to hitting bottom and crashing hard. Luckily the Liquid Force Foil Fish package stands up to the beating and we can continue to foil! We also off the option of customizing your mast to a shorter length allowing you to avoid any problems in shallow water. 

Evolution, progression and succession highlight the performance of the extremely affordable, easy to use Rocket Kite Foil.  This hydrofoil setup is an ideal addition to any kiteboarders arsenal of equipment.    Highlighted by a multipurpose adjustable mast mounting system board, thin profile mast, adjustable fuselage and low aspect bomb proof polymer low aspect wings make this the best free riding set ups on available.

Are you missing on those light wind days? Are you sitting on the beach and waiting for the wind to pick up? 

You can still have fun in below 10mph winds. All that you are missing is the foil set. It's affordable, built for progression and includes easy low aspect wings. This is the foil for people and get ready to fly it!

Kiteboarding is all about having the most fun while progressing your riding to the next level. The Liquid Force Foil Fish package offers just that an is the perfect setup to introduce you to foil boarding
This foil package has plenty of features at an incredible price, giving you a lot more for what you pay for in comparison to similar products. 

Foil Set includes:

- 1m tall mast

- Fuselage

- 2 low aspect wings

- Foil bag

- Wings Cover

- Hardware

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great foil to get started Review by yani
I've heard a lot of stories about people having a really hard time learning how to foil. Some of these stories involve trying to learn with a high aspect foil verses a low aspect foil. I can tell you from experience, having tried both kinds, the low aspect foil is by far the better choice to get you started. The Liquid Force low aspect foil assembly is easy to ride and foils at very, amazingly in fact, low speeds. This makes the experience way easier and much less intimidating. With the low aspect wing you will find success much sooner, whether it be just riding or learning how to carve turns. I highly recommend this foil setup! (Posted on 2/22/2017)
(Posted on 2/22/2017)
The easiest to ride kite foil on the market, great for light winds. Review by Stan Radev
The Rocket Foil is huge improvement over the legendary Liquid Force Foil Fish. The new board is very easy to ride and it out performs every other model in light winds. (Posted on 6/9/2016)

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