2017 Liquid Force Butterstick

2017 Liquid Force Butterstick
If you like it smooth, you'll love the Butterstick!

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The 2017 Liquid Force Butterstick is the latest in the park series and the smoothest motherloving park board anywhere.  Like a hot stick through soft butter, the Butterstick has incredibly flex due to its unique reinforced Flex Tips which create softer tips to allow the board to flex on rails or through the water like never before.  This is a board that loves smooth stomping rail presses and embodies the FU, Fun Unlimited, spirit of cable park riding.  

The Butterstick features a 3 stage rocker, a break in rocker curve for aggressive riding, a flatter center curve for speed and control on the rails, and an exaggerated exit angle at the tips for getting huge pop off the wake.  The hull has a single concave for soft landings, a wood/PU core, giving it the best of flex and durability, liquid rails for extra strong rails, Triax top deck for strength and flex, and Liquid Force's Grind contour molding base layer for even more durability all year long.  On a scale of soft to stiff, the Butterstick scores a buttery 2.  It's finless because you don't need that kind of trouble in your life, at least not when you're hitting sliders.  And, new to its construction is the most advanced binding track on a wakeboard.  The FlexTrack lets the track twist as you carve into turns for a new level of freedom and control while giving you a level of adjustability bar none.   If you like it smooth, you'll love the Butterstick!

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