2016 Liquid Force Solo V2 9M AND Response Bar

Liquid Force 9 Solo V2 and Response Bar
2016 Liquid Force Solo V2 9M AND Response Bar

Regular Price: $1,699.99

Special Price $799.00

The 2016 Liquid Force Solo V2 9M is a lightweight single strut kite with great low end and now paired with the Response bar for an amazing sale price!

Regular Price: $1,699.99

Special Price $799.00

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The Solo is back for 2016 with major improvements to performance and durability. After exploding onto the kiteboarding world only one year ago, the Solo continues to stand alone with the revolutionary single-strut design. New features for 2016 include the tension trailing edge, to decrease flutter and increase the strength of the entire canopy; a shorter cascade bridle system to improve handling and reaction of the kite at control bar; and bridle guards on the wingtips to prevent the bridle from tangling during hard crashes and easier water relaunches. The Solo V2 bridle also has more attachment points on the leading edge and an increased profile at the wingtip to improve flying characteristics and overall performance. The simple design and great wind range added with Liquid Force’s Max Flow Inflation system allow you to pump up fast and get out riding quickly and stay out longer in changing conditions. Whether you are a complete beginner, learning to foil board or the weekend warrior traveling to the beach, the Solo is a simple, reliable, and forgiving freeriding kite that will get you out on the water kiteboarding no matter what!

The 2016 Liquid Force Response control bar is packed with the latest technology for ease of use and safety. Now instead of having to own two bars you can simply adjust the size of the bar with no tools required. On both ends of the bar, you will see two buttons that when pressed allow you to turn the ends in or out. You get a full 10 cm difference from 56cm to 46cm.

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