North Kiteboarding Click Bar

North Kiteboarding Click Bar
Clean Simple and Versatile. This kiteboarding control bar will redefine the industry. Works on all kites.
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 The North Click kiteboarding bar redefines the way we think about kite bars. iPhones changed the way we use cellphones; this kite control system will change the way we fly kiteboarding kites.

The ONLY kiteboarding control bar on the market that allows the rider to adjust the length of the rear lines on the fly through the trim unit.

The North Click bar lets you power or depowers the kite with the simple click of the switch. Turning the winder clockwise allows you to power the kite by shortening the back lines while pushing the clicking the button lengthens the rear lines depowers the kite. You will never again have the trim out of reach since it is now integrated into the right side of the bar. Imagine that you can instantly depower mid bottom turn on a wave or moments before hitting a slider. The power display window is on the front of the click bar, the red marker indicates your current power setting. 

The North click bar is clean and simple there is now no clam cleat or adjustment rope. The main line and safety line are covered by a rectangular TPU coating that not only protects them but instantly untwists the center lines and safety anytime you spin the bar. Comes standard with 22-meter quad lines and 2-meter line extensions. The center line V can easily be adjusted to fit any kite on the market. If you need a 5th line set up the Click Bar can quickly be modified with the 5th Element Kit. The North Kiteboarding Click Bar is a game changer and represents one of the greatest innovations in Kiteboarding seen in years. It will Completely change how we think about trimming our kites.

We believe that this bar will revolutionize the industry the same way Ride Engine changed the way we see kiteboarding harnesses.

Key Futures:

One Size flys all kites.

22m +2m lines

auto swivel 


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