Ozone Chrono V2

Ozone Chrono V2

The Ozone Chrono V2 is a great ram air kiteboarding and hydrofoil kite.  Ride in light and strong winds alike.  We love the performance, stability, and boost of this kite.

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The Ozone Chrono V2 kite floats in light winds and rips in strong winds.  This is truly a great kite for twin tip kiteboarding, kitesurfing, and hydro foiling alike.

If you're an experienced rider who is confident in the water and doesn't drop their kite, then this kite is a dream in light winds.  There's lots of boost and it's a steady ride overhead which provides lots of lift.  With this kite, you'll be able to ride in light and strong winds.  We recommend this kite for experienced riders, hydro foiling, kiteboarding, and kitesurfing.  Experienced riders will love this kite!

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