Ozone Water Contact Control Bar

Ozone Water Contact Control Bar

The Ozone Water Contact Control Bar is an essential tool for the purist kiteboarder obsessed with functionality.

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So what is essential in a bar?  A study of Ozone's Water Control Bar reveals the answer.  Firstly, a reliable, easy to use, and easy to reset push-away quick release tops the list and Ozone nails it with the Megatron release.   The Anti-twist flag out line and the spinning handle make it easy to keep the twists out of your lines.  The Megatron system offers two release modes; the recommended standard mode and the expert mode.  The standard mode provides full flag out when punching out while hooked in or when letting go of the bar when unhooked, while the expert mode fully flags out only when hooked in so riders doing handle passes can drop the bar without causing the kite to flag out.  Continuing with the functionality of the Megatron system for riding unhooked, the auto positioning chicken loop works with the bar center piece to automatically position the chicken loop, so when you unhook, the chicken loop is always ready to hook back in quickly.   

The Water Contact Control Bar's features continue with soft bar ends and hide-away elastic line retainers.  Inside each bar end is a stainless steel leader line pin which translates into a rock solid connection to the steering lines and gives you enhanced leverage when steering the kite.  Of course, the Contact Bar has a low friction centerpiece, and PU covered de-power line.  A stainless steel trimmer bracket and clam cleat trimmer prevent trim line wear.  The bungee trim line and magnetic trim line handle and neoprene sock keep everything tight, compact, and tangle free.  Re-launch balls on the leader lines are handy when relaunching the kite and color coded 500kg front/300kg back lines inspire confidence in even the hairiest conditions.  And finally, the bar is covered with a lightly sanded EVA grip with ergonomic finger bumps to give it excellent grip.  

Nothing essential is missing from the Ozone Water Contact Control Bar, and nothing unnecessary or superfluous is included.  Everything about this bar is function-centric.  Serious kiters know what they need in a bar; Ozone delivers.  Check out the Ozone Water Contact Control Bar if you ride on water or Ozone's other discipline-specific bars for racing, foiling, foil racing, or snow.

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