Trace Action Sports Tracker

Trace Action Sports Tracker
Trace is the most advanced action sports tracker that integrates 9 sensors with GPS to track your progression during any sport.
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The Trace Sensor 

Trace is a small, light, durable, waterproof sensor that easily mounts to your board. Weighing only 1.4 ounces, 0.75" high and 1.89" wide, Trace will never hinder your activity and will only track your progression. Intergrating a high-frequency GPS and a 9-axis IMU, every movement and detail of your session is recorded with incredible accuracy and allows you to relive your day in the water or on the slopes. All you have to do is attach it to your board, turn it on, and go!






Track Multiple Sports

Trace can be used with multiple sports including surfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing, SUP, snowboarding, skiing and also has an Explore mode for any other activity you can think of to track your session! Below is what Trace will record during each sport.


 Explore your session, compete with friends, and become a part of the Trace Tribe with the Trace Mobile Apps

Trace syncs to your phone through Bluetooth using Trace Surf or Trace Snow app. After the session, open the app, connect your sensor, and begin syncing your data. Once your data has finished syncing, you can explore your session through interactive GPS maps, overall stats, individual run or wave stats, personal records, calories burned and many more. 

Compete with your friends and see how you stack up against riders all over the world on the Trace leaderboards. The Trace leaderboards can be filtered by stat type, location, age, gender, and sport. Follow friends and professional athletes to see all of their sessions and stay updated with their progression to motivate yourself and share your session stats and relive that epic day on the water.


Automatically edits footage from GoPro or other cameras

One of the first things you want to do after an awesome session is show all your friends your video.The worst part of filming during your session is going through the afterwards and searching through the footage and editing out all the lame paddle outs of boring film. Trace saves you the trouble and automatically edits out boring footage ands keeps all the action. All you have to do is sync your camera before you head out on the water. Then once you are done, upload the footage into the Trace Video App and it will condense the best shots,  with color correction, stats overlay in the film, and even the ability to search for just the best wave or biggest trick. Grab your Gopro, slap on Trace to your board, and share your session with the world! 


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