Used Happy Foil 4' 5" with short mast and low aspect wings

liquid force happy foil with short mast
Used Happy Foil 4' 5" with short mast and low aspect wings

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Happy foil complete package with low aspect wings and short mast. perfect for learning to foil and shallow water.
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Foil Set includes:

- 1m Tall mast - Fuselage

- 2 Low Aspect Glass Wings- Foil bag -Cover for The Wings:

Curved profile for better stability. The Fuselage: The 71cm fuselage is the longest in the industry. This is a huge advantage over every competitor model because it makes the board less sensitive when shifting your weight and minimizes the “ Dolphin dive” up and down motion. Made out of solid aluminum. Yes it adds weight, but knowing that you may hit the bottom this adds strength where needed without compromise. The removable fuselage brings two huge advantages. 1. easy to travel with. 2. Easy to replace. The Mast: Now a quarter inch thinner than the Foil Fish Less drag without sacrificing durability The New adjustable track mounting system is a huge improvement. Allowing you to choose the most comfortable position for your session. INTERCHANEABLE PARTS:

There are two crucial benefits to having separate parts with this simple design. First, each part can be easily assembled and taken apart. This allows the foil to be easily stored when traveling long distances to the beach and not have to end up hanging out of your sunroof or leave it sticking out of your car trunk. Second, each piece of the foil set is easily replaceable. IF you happen break anything, a new part can be installed fast and you do not have to order an entirely new foil. Be on the lookout for the release of new Liquid Force foil parts including medium and high aspect wings. These new parts will allow you to experiment and customize your foilboard to your desired feel when riding.

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