VIP Kiteboarding Package

VIP Kiteboarig Package
VIP Kiteboarding Package

Regular Price: $3,229.00

Special Price $1,995.00

This kiteboarding and kitesurfing package is for riders that want top-notch gear that won't hold them back! It is composed of competition grade gear that will last as you advance.

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Regular Price: $3,229.00

Special Price $1,995.00

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We put the best of the best into this package!

The Kite:

The Liquid Force WOW is the latest kite in LF's lineup.  This is a high performance wave and freeriding kite that can be adjusted to favor your riding preference by adjusting the center bridle lines.  This kite will give you huge boost.

Liquid Force WOW Key Features:

1. Performance that no other kite dilivers in the price range!

2. Fast and responsive.  You won't outgrow this kite.

3. Great investment for your gear that is built to last.

4. The WOW is a performance kite but also is great for the rider that is justt getting into the sport.  Beginners and pro's alike ride this kite.  See our video below for more.

5. Adjustable front bridle that changes the arc of the kite.  This allows for a wide range of riding.  From free riding to wave riding, it can do it all.

6. One of the thinist leading edges out there.  This kite rides upwind very well and has huge jumping capabilities!

The Control Bar:

The Liquid Force Response Bar comes complete with a saftely leash so you're good to go!  This bar is adjustable so it will easy attatch to any size kite.  

The Kiteboard:

The Liquid Force Carbon Element was designed by PKR World Champion Christophe Tack, who competes on very same board.  The board is 100% carbon fiber, which makes it one of the lightest boards on the market.  

The Harness:

Ride Engine harnesses are taking the world by storm with the hard shell harness.  This is the harness favored by the pro's.  This is the best kiteboard harness on the market. 

Don't buy this package unless you are serious about riding!

We have put together the most versitile performance package around.  This entire package is what the pro's ride with.  You will never outgrow this gear.  Ride like the pro's.  Ride with FORCE.


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New Rider Review by Jay
I took lessons and was able to ride within 2 hours. I felt like I had the basics down to get going on my own. I wanted to get gear that would have a huge window for progress. The wow is easy to launch and control and feels like something that will last as I get better. The board is fast and took a little time to get used to compared to the huge board I took lessons on, but I'm a much better rider now because of it. This board will last me for a long time as I get better. I was happy with Force as well. They set me up with the right sizes for all my gear and walked me through the whole process. They shipped it quickly and I was able to get out and ride without any issues. Thanks again! (Posted on 9/1/2016)

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