Xenon Infra 133

Xenon Infra 133
Xenon have been around for a good few years now and producing some really high quality kiteboards. Taking the Infra out of the box it was easy to see the attention to detail, how many brands provide different coloured fins and fittings so they blend in with the board graphics on both the top and the bottom of the board?! The Infra is their high-end freestyle model aimed at the rider who wants an uncompromising performance machine that can handle the hardest of landings.
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The Infra features a full Paulownia wood core and is made in Europe at Xenon’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. The board has a reasonable flex pattern with more flex in the tips and a stiffer section in the middle. There is a single concave running down the board that washes out towards the tips. The outline is very rectangular with wide square tips at either end. It comes shipped with their Ultralight foot pads and straps which are easy to fit to the board. 4.5cm G10 fins are provided as standard and as we mentioned earlier they are colour coded to match the graphics, a nice touch!  the Infra is aimed as an uncompromising performance model we instantly felt at home on it and discovered a more forgiving side that actually makes this board relatively easy to ride. It’s certainly not for beginners, but the adventurous intermediate looking for immense pop and solid upwind abilities won’t be disheartened by the Infra. In the chop the clever flex pattern helps to smooth out the ride and the sharp rails really bite into the water and offer plenty of grip. The wide tips with their softer flex allow you to get immense pop and we were boosting huge airs and getting loads of height with ease during purely popped tricks. The Infra is also fairly light and the large outline combines with the flatter rocker to help you get going really early. All in all, we loved the Infra, it’s a performance machine at heart, but it does have a softer side too.

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