Xenon Rayo Custom LTD

Xenon Rayo Custom LTD
Light weight, smooth easy to ride, great for choppy conditions.

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The Xenon Rayo has a great flex and wide tip and tail.

This kiteboard glides smooth, and it's ideal for all levels kiteboarding. The board is very light like all Xenon kiteboards. Beginners and heavy riders will appreciate the 145cm. The Rayo is great light wind board and suits riders that are ready to explore first kite tricks.

XENON factory description:

There is a beginning for everything. If you want to progress rapidly and get to the expert level as soon as possible, you need the proper tool. The Xenon RAYO is the little brother of the Laluz. If you are just starting out in freestyle you need a board that offers light landings- and the RAYO is just that. With this board going upwind, jumping or even doing your first unhooked tricks is a piece of cake. It also excels at light wind letting you get out and session when others are sitting on the beach waiting. Don’t let other boards slow you down. With the RAYO you can become an expert in less time.

• Steps free shape - Eliminates all the week points.
• Paulownia wood core - Gives the best durability to weight ratio.
• Top rail channels - Adds extra strength to whole construction allowing the entire core of the board to be thinner & lighter.
• Triax laminate - Gives very direct and responsive board feeling.
• Single concave to double V bottom profile - Gives refined speed, pop, precision, and control.
• Tapered down rails - For grip and control.

130 x 40 / 134 x 41 / 137 x 42 / 145 x 44

• One of the most comfortable pads and straps available. New hard parts composite brings flexibility, low weight, and durability together.
• White G10 50mm fins set with flexible fins washers.
• Ergonomic grab handle.

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