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Over 12,000+ Kiteboarding lessons taught and a combined experience of 48 years in the watersports and kiteboarding industry. Our passion for the sport has only gotten stronger and we look forward to serving you. 


Owner ­ Stan oversees the entire operation and comes to work brimming with energy everyday. He knows one or two things about running a successful kite school so is constantly driving Force forward when it comes to futuristic thinking about coaching and the whole kiteboarding experience. A true veteran of the sport and happy father of two youngs twins (Colby and Jackson).

Favorite gear: 9m Wow and Liquid Force Foil Fish… It’s all about feeling weightless!

AMY RADEV: Customer Care

Customer Care, Bookings and chief cook! ­ Amy makes sure you always have a great time. Whether it be your first experience with us at Force or your 100th she always ensures you come away feeling happy and hopefully exhausted from a little too much kiteboarding! Amy has been in the industry for 10 years and has worked everywhere from the BVI’s, Cape Hatteras and the North East. She previously worked at REAL Watersports before taking a little break to focus on raising her two little boys. I am sure we will see them on the water soon!

Favorite gear: Liquid Force training kite ­ for the little boys!

ED HOLDEN: Shop Manager and Head Coach

Senior instructor Ed is bar none, knowledgeable, friendly, experienced, and a mighty fine kiteboarder.  His 10,000+ hours of coaching has given him almost superhuman instincts; he has seen it all and knows how to get the most out of his students.  Ed is our shop manager and a virtual lexicon of kiteboarding information, ask him anything and you are sure to get a simple and insightful answer.  When he’s not in the shop or on the water coaching, there’s a good chance he’s exercising his stoke with a kite in his hands and a twin tip under his feet. He’s probably upside down mid kite loop too.  Can Ed boost big?  Well, do you see that guy up there?  That’s not superman, it’s Ed, and yes, yes he can.  


Favorite Gear:  Xenon Infra 136, WOW 12, Dice 12, Envy 12

 JOANNA KOWALSKA: Senior Kiteboarding Coach

Senior Instructor ­ Joanna brings nearly 10 years of coaching experience to the Force team. Adept with any level of rider and totally comfortable to push your boundaries regardless of your discipline. She is a wicked foil rider and spends a great deal of time on the water perfecting this new art form. Before Force Joanna was a team rider and coach at REAL Watersports in Cape Hatteras. While there she traveled all over the world to coach and brings all of this impressive knowledge base into play during every lesson. She now calls Charleston home and when not on the water works as a veterinarian.

Favorite Gear: Liquid Force Solo 6m and Liquid Force Foil Fish

JP Lurkin: Senior Kiteboarding Coach

Senior Instructor JP Lurkin became a kiteboarding coach in 2006. Married for 17years and a proud father of three boys he started kiteboarding in 2004. Living in Hilton Head SC at the time JP quickly realized that adding a kite to his surfing quiver would double his time on the water. So he made the most of his time off as a chef and quickly become well versed in all areas of kiteboarding. During this time he found great pleasure in teaching his friends and decided to teach full time. Since then JP has amassed thousands of hours teaching and riding. As a former US Navy rescue swimmer, his calm safe teaching style will put you on the fast track to your kiteboarding experience.

Favorite Gear: North Dice 13m, Liquid Force HAPPY FOIL, Xenon Laluz

YANI DILLING: Senior Kiteboarding Coach

Senior Instructor Yani is always stoked and brings 15 years of kiteboarding and coaching experience to the team.  Yani was a windsurfer and US Olympic Team member back in the day.  In 2001 he landed a job as a kiteboarding instructor despite never having kiteboarded before.  Needless to say, he learned fast and has never looked back.  Yani is known as someone who can and does ride anything with a kite whether it be a land board, twin tip, surfboard, longboard, small sailboat, or foil board.  Yani enjoys nothing more than lending his experience and knowledge to his students or as he calls it “sharing the stoke”.   When he’s not coaching or kiting, there’s a good chance he’s nurturing his daughter’s love of the ocean swimming, surfing, sailing or flying her trainer kite.

 Favorite Gear:  Ozone Chrono 9m and Liquid Force Rocket Foil

BRENDAN GUTHREE: Kiteboarding Coach

Brandon is one of Charleston’s best young riders and a natural born instructor. Harkening from Lake Norman, NC, Brendon started sailing at the age of and was wakeboarding at. He was already teaching both by the time he turned 16. Having enrolled at the College of Charleston to study Marine Biology Brandon caught the kite bug and has since made a quick study of it. There’s something about learning to kite when you’re a kid that simply can’t be replicated by us, shall we say more mature hacks. When he’s not coaching for Force, you might find Brandon surfing, wakeboarding, sailing, diving, or of course kiteboarding, depending on what the conditions are best for. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who has optimized his skill set better for spending the maximum amount of time on the water. Brandon rides both wake style and surf style and competes in wakeboarding and kiteboarding competitions too! Someone just gives this kid a trophy already!

 Favorite Gear:  INFRA 139 Liquid Force Envy 12m


BEN HOLMQUIST: Kiteboarding Coach

Ben Holmquist is a 21 year old Charleston native that has been kiting for 8 years.  Ben placed 2nd in the 2016 Collegiate Kiteboarding National Championships. He enjoys keeping his kiting well rounded to match the ever changing Charleston conditions, including strapless surf and foil boarding, but his main focus is on wake-style and sliders. He loves pushing himself and others on the water, so if you want to learn anything from basic kite and board skills, to unhooked tricks and huge kite loops, he can get you pointed in the right direction! Ben is a senior marketing major at the College of Charleston, where he is also the Student Brand Manager for Red Bull. 

Favorite Gear: 9m OZONE C4 - Tona Pop 138cm


Ivanka is Stan’s mom and our very own in-house CPA. She brings 40 years of experience to Force ensuring that we are fiscally responsible and keeping our addiction to wind toys in check. Without her, we wouldn’t be able to control ourselves and would likely have bought every toy out there and be sleeping on a pile of kites and boards. Like a good mother and CPA, she protects us from ourselves. Ivanka moved to Charleston in 2015 to be closer to her son and grandsons. While she may not kite, or even swim for that matter, she is the buoy that keeps us above water. She also writes our checks, so while we may rib each other from time to time, nobody rigs Ivanka, nobody.

Favorite Gear: I-mac and calculator



History: FORCE Kite and Wake was born in 2015 when Stan Radev realized the Charleston area was lacking a dedicated and professional lesson center.  Stan was one of the very first people to ever kiteboard.  His passion and quickly entered several competitions, one of which was alongside the legend that is Robby Naish. He then went on to become one of the country’s most highly regarded coaches and trainers, teaching over 5,000 students to date, mainly from his former home in Cape Hatteras. He then moved to Liquid Force Kites and since has been looking after growing the Liquid Force Kite brand across the US. It was this move which eventually gave him the idea that having a fully endorsed Liquid Force store in one of the most beautiful cities in America would be a great idea. Couple this with the amazingly consistent winds of Charleston and Force was born. A high­end fun filled and friendly place where teaching lessons is a passion and making friends is the long term aim with everyone who stops by.

FORCE Kite and Wake:

At FORCE Kite and Wake we believe in some very simple philosophies.

  1. 1)  To be the friendliest and most professional watersports store in Charleston
  2. 2)  To give everyone the chance to get out on the water with the maximum amount of fun.
  3. 3)  To stand behind our gear like it is our own and make sure you have exactly what you need.
  4. 4)  To recognize that we may not always be right and therefore look after you if you are not 100% satisfied with your Force purchases.
  5. 5)  To deliver modern and forward-thinking support for lessons and gear selection.
  6. 6)  To make every day on the water a truly memorable experience.