Cabrinha Black Friday Special

Cabrinha Black Friday Sale starts now! No need to wait until Black Friday to get your gear. Shop early and sleep-in after thanksgiving. Check out these 4 fantastic deal below. Call us at 843-329-3004 for your order, or shop online. 

Switchblade Freeride Package
  • Any size Switchblade
  • Cabrinha Spectrum
  • H2O straps
  • Control bar
  • Pump 


Code Wing package
  • Any Size Code Wing board
  • Any Size Cabrinha Mantis
  • Cabrinha Fusion Hybrid foil 1600/1950 complete

SHOP CODE Wing Package

Cabrinha Kite foil package
  • Any Size Drifter or Contra kite
  • Special Agent board
  • Cabrinha Fusion Foil 950 or 1300 x-series foil
  • FREE Control Bar

Shop Kite Foil Package 

Cabrinha Surf Package (*Special package Call to order)
  • Any Size Drifter Kite
  • Any Surfboard
  • Free control bar

Call Force at 843-329-3004 For Surf Package