Naish Thrust Surf Foil Large Abracadabra with Ascend PU/Poly 5'5" Package

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Our Naish Thrust Surf Foil Large Abracadabra with Ascend PU/Poly 5'5" Package is the key that unlocks the magic of foil surfing for those who want to catch waves early, ride, pump, and carve into the hottest new sport on...

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Our Naish Thrust Surf Foil Large Abracadabra with Ascend PU/Poly 5'5" Package is the key that unlocks the magic of foil surfing for those who want to catch waves early, ride, pump, and carve into the hottest new sport on the water. Small to medium sized waves that are otherwise unrideable become a perfect foil playground with the longest rides you've ever had if you have the right equipment. That's what this package is; the right foil and the right board to surf foil. The only thing missing is you!

This Package Includes: 

- The Naish Thrust Surf Foil Large Abracadabra with Foil Cover

- The Naish Ascend PU/Poly Foil Surfboard 5'5

- All Hardware




The 2019 Naish Thrust Surf Foil L Complete - Abracadabra is a delta-shaped front wing and downturned wingtips for huge lift and controlled maneuverability.   The Thrust Surf Foil L allows average and smaller riders to catch even the smallest bumps. Getting up on foil at the most meager of speeds, the Thrust Surf Foil L is a great foil to learn kitefoiling.


As our stoke for foilsurfing has increased, so has our appreciation for Naish's Thrust Surf Foils. These are highly competent performers in small to medium-sized waves. The L is the one that we recommend the most as it hits the sweet spot for most riders in small to medium-sized waves. Likewise, most riders who want to start foiling, especially in light wind, will find it to be a very easy way to learn. 


Size: M | Standard Mast Size: 55 cm | Aspect Ratio: 3.54 | Wingspan: 23.8"/60.5 cm | Projected Surface Area: 1,032 cm2
Size: L | Standard Mast Size: 55 cm | Aspect Ratio: 3.54 | Wingspan: 26.1"/66.2 cm | Projected Surface Area: 1,236 cm2
Size: XL | Standard Mast Size: 55 cm | Aspect Ratio: 4.75 | Wingspan: 34"/86.4 cm | Projected Surface Area: 1,572 cm2
A bold success from the onset, the Naish Thrust Surf Foil Program welcomes the XL setup to its highly sought-after line-up. Delta shaped front wings coupled with downturned wingtips deliver the perfect balance between early lift, efficient glide and outstanding turning ability. A slightly flat section along the bottom of the wing adds stability in straight flight while downturned wingtips heighten control in turns for easy carving and redirection without losing lift. The back wing helps to stabilize the front wing while providing extra power when pumping through flat sections. Adding to the high lift, efficient design, this wing model offers a larger window before stalling, making them easier to ride and control when compared to other wings on the market.
Three front wing sizes widens the range of rider weights and surfing conditions covered. The new XL adds riders above the 210 pound mark to the foiling club while bringing the threshold for surf size down even further. The XL set is also a great option for downwind conditions. And many pairing options allow riders to perfectly tune their setup to their needs, with the standard backwing pairing well with the M or L front wing and the XL backwing reserved for the XL front wing.
Those SUPers or surfers that dabble in other sports will find a solid multi-sport solution in this setup as well. Performing well in low wind and lower speeds, this ultra-stable setup is good for beginner-to-intermediate kite foiling and other low speed foiling.
The new Abracadabra quick plate connection makes it quick and effortless to detach and store your board and foil separately. One screw is all it takes to quickly and easily disconnect the entire foil system from your board, while the bottom of the plate can remain in place. Just a few turns of a #3 Phillips head screwdriver yields a secure and tight connection between foil and board. The Abracadabra quick plate is available in the complete set or as an aftermarket item for any current and previous Naish aluminum masts.
View the Assembly Instructions HERE
The Hover Kite 130, 155, and 160 foilboards have a shallower track system and therefore require the shorter screws as supplied with the board. These boards CANNOT be used with the longer screws that come with the Naish Thrust foil.
When pairing all other Naish Hover Foilboards with your Naish Foil, use the screws supplied with the foil. 


- 50% Lighter Wings

- XL Front Wing

- XL Back Wing

- Monocoque Ultra Robust Back Wing Construction

- Abracadabra Quick Plate Connection

- Stealth Stripes


- Aircraft Grade High Precision CNC Cut Fuselage

- Aircraft Grade Extruded Aluminum Mast
v (All aluminum masts will receive a custom wet-sanded Speed Finish)
- Carbon/Glass PrePreg & Hi Mod Foam Core Front Wing Construction

- Carbon/Glass PrePreg & Hi Mod Foam Core Monocoque Back Wing Construction

- 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware


- Front Wing Surf: L
- Back Wing Surf 

- Mast 55 cm/Aluminum

- Fuselage KS/Surf

- Foil Assembly Screw Set
Abracadabra Plate
Abracadabra Plate Screw Set

- Foil Cover




The Hover Surf Ascend PU is a foil specific surfboard that packs huge volume into a small package so you can catch even the smallest waves with ease.


The Hover Surf Ascend PU is a real gamechanger when it comes to foilsurfing. We've been doing a lot of tow-in foilsurfing and a fair amount of paddle-in foilsurfing, too. Towing in with tiny boards is great, but paddling in is a whole different ball game. We've been paddling in with kite foilboards with some success, but it's a real challenge to catch waves with so little buoyancy. Sitting in the lineup with the water line at neck level is comically absurd compared to sitting high and dry with one of these boards. Having a proper foil surfboard makes the whole experience so much more accessible. The Ascend 5'0" has 40L of high-floatation volume while the 5'5" brings it up to 45L. The Ascend lets you paddle with ease and efficiency, making the all-important task of catching waves a breeze. The concave deck feels great as it cradles you when paddling and self-centers your stance when popping up. The wide, thick, and short design maximizes your control and offers minimal swing weight when pumping. If you want to foilsurf, we can't stress enough the importance of getting the right equipment. Save yourself a lot of frustration with an Ascend, you'll be glad you did!


While the Hover Surf Comet echos a traditional surfboard silhouette, the Hover Surf Ascend packs more volume per inch (in height). Wider than our Comets, with a more square and parallel outline, the Ascends pick up even the tiniest waves with little effort. The concave deck section is not only more comfortable when paddling, it is also a “self centering” feature when popping up—guiding the feet into the ideal position in relation to the foil.

Based on our Hover Kite 112 kite foilboard, the Ascend range features beveled rails running from nose to tail. These smooth the transition while getting up onto the foil and allow you to carve hard without catching rail.

If catching small waves early and getting to your feet quickly is the key to surf foiling, the Hover Surf Ascend unlocks the ride easily and intuitively. The Hover Ascends are recommended for riders who are looking for a dedicated design that allows them to go shorter (in consideration of volume) without sacrificing paddle ability.

When pairing Naish Hover Foilboards with your Naish Foil, use the screws supplied with the foil. 


Beveled rails from nose to tail - 
Helps make the transition from getting up on the board to getting on foil smooth and prevents the rails from catching during turns.

High volume - Allows you to catch small waves easily and early.

Foil Track Mount - Compatible with most foil systems and lets you adjust the foil position.

Self-centering concave deck - Provides comfortable paddling and guides your feet to the correct position on the board.

Wide outline - Maximizes volume and allows you to ride a shorter board without sacrificing paddle speed.