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2023 Duotone Dice SLS Kite

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The 2023 Duotone Dice SLS Kite is a high-performance kite designed for intermediate to advanced riders who want to take their freestyle and wave riding to the next level. The SLS (Strong Light Superior) technology used in the construction of the kite makes it one of the lightest and most durable kites on the market, while the unique shape and construction provide exceptional performance and control.

The Dice SLS Kite features a 3-strut design that provides excellent stability and control, even in gusty wind conditions. The kite's high aspect ratio also helps to deliver excellent power and upwind performance. The kite's unique construction and shape also make it very responsive and easy to control, allowing riders to perform advanced tricks and maneuvers with ease.

The SLS technology used in the construction of the kite features a unique combination of materials that provide the ultimate in durability and performance. The kite is constructed with high-quality materials, including a lightweight and durable canopy made of high tenacity Dacron and a sturdy leading edge made of polyurethane. The kite is available in a range of sizes to suit different rider preferences and conditions.

The Dice SLS Kite features a fast turning speed and excellent depower, which makes it easy to control and maneuver in all conditions. The kite also features a unique profile that provides excellent stability and drift, allowing riders to focus on riding without worrying about the kite.

The kite's bar features an intuitive control system that provides easy and precise control over the kite. The bar features a single front line safety system that helps to ensure the rider's safety in the event of an emergency. The bar is also equipped with a durable and comfortable grip that provides a secure and comfortable grip even in wet conditions.

Overall, the 2023 Duotone Dice SLS Kite is an excellent choice for riders who demand the ultimate in performance and control in all conditions. Its unique SLS technology, high-quality construction, and advanced features make it a great option for riders who want to take their riding to the next level. Whether you're looking to perform advanced tricks and maneuvers or simply cruise in light wind conditions, the Dice SLS Kite is an excellent choice that delivers uncompromising performance and reliability.

the Dice SLS offers performance across a wide range of disciplines; freestyle, big air, kite loops, and breaking waves, bringing the fun factor to new levels! Light, fast and with even more control, this is the go-to kite for riders who want to ride unhooked. 

Designed for the advanced kiters looking to get the most out of every session, the Dice SLS delivers across a wide range of disciplines. The SLS construction reduces the overall weight of the kite by up to 15% compared to regular constructions and creates a stiffer airframe that offers the most precise handling. The jumping capabilities have been dialed up to deliver mighty lift on take-off and a massive hangtime. The bar feeling is extremely direct, and the turning speed of the new kite is unrivaled, always giving you all the feedback you can desire and total control. Kite loops are powerful, and you can dial in the type of loop you want to do. This kite is the weapon of choice for riders looking to get radical with their kite loop progression. The reduced weight also improves the unhooked capabilities as the kite can hang in the air for longer while you perform freestyle tricks. In the waves, the improved response will allow you to thread lines through the trickiest of sections and smash the biggest lips, whilst steering the kite actively. Riders will be blown away by the performance enhancements on the new Dice SLS, delivering across a range of disciplines to a world-class level. It’s the one kite quiver killer for the advanced rider to get the most out of every session.

The Dice SLS is a pretty significant step up in performance from the standard dacron construction. Much lighter in the air for better response, drift, and low-end wind range, honestly making it a better all-around kite. There is no downside to having a lighter kite; it just makes everything more forgiving. Better drift/stability, quicker recovery after kiteloops, more power through sharper turns, and easier relaunch.
The Dice SLS still carries a subtle C-shape arc, which is not quite as powerful a design when compared to a more open C or Delta kite like the Rebel, which is going to have a less responsive and more sheet-in-and-go type feel. Consider going with one size larger if you're used to kites with a more open shape.