Liquid Force 2 NV Special 12 + 9 Package

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Our Liquid Force 2 NV Special 12 + 9 Package has more than everything you need to get on the water with excellent gear.  It's a 2 kite quiver ready to get you on the action from 12 knots to 30....

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Our Liquid Force 2 NV Special 12 + 9 Package has more than everything you need to get on the water with excellent gear.  It's a 2 kite quiver ready to get you on the action from 12 knots to 30.  Featuring a 2018 12M Liquid Force NV kite AND a 2018 NV 9M kite with a Mission Control Bar V2, a 2019 OverDrive 142 kiteboard, complete with fins, handle, and 2018 Liquid Force Pro Pad Straps, a Liquid Force Solo v2 harness, and a 2L Liquid Force pump, the Liquid Force Package is a great deal any way you slice it.  


The 2018 Liquid Force NV is built on seven generations, and it just keeps getting better. One of the most notable changes this year is the squared off wing tips. We found that by increasing the wing tip geometry, we were able to improve the direct feel of the kite. The fuller wingtips reduce wingtip flaring, so the kite moves through the window faster and at the same time it improves its stability in lighter winds. In addition to changing the geometry of the wingtips, we increased the length of the center strut and decreasing the diameter of the leading edge along the wingtips. You might expect a longer center strut to make the kite lower aspect, but Brandon assured us it does not. It is a small increase in length, the effect being that it gives the kite more power when turning. The decrease in LE diameter toward the tips is also slight yet meaningful, reducing weight and allowing the wingtips to move through turns more efficiently. Additionally, the bridle has been enhanced to provide more support to the wingtips to minimize distortion, and finally, the tensioned trailing edge reduces flutter and increases the kites longevity.

All in all, the NV gives you more of what you want without taking away anything away from last year's version. The NV V8 features faster turning with optimized power delivery characteristics to make kite loops and down loop transitions smoother, more powerful and more efficient, a more rapid response from the kite when initiating a turn, less flaring of the wingtips, less flutter, better leading edge rigidity and greater overall stability.

In 2017, Liquid Force unveils a total redesign of the control bar; Houston, we have a solution! The Mission Control Bar brings a new benchmark to the vision of pure functionality. While others seem obsessed with bells and whistles, the Mission Control Bar is all about clean and simple. From its one-piece molded composite construction to its PU wrapped chicken line, to its distinctly clean and eye-catching color scheme, whether you are getting ready to blast off into the stratosphere or just reach toward a rainbow, Mission Control should be in your situation room.

This is the 2018 Liquid Force Mission Control V2 Bar. We called on Brandon Scheid to give us the low down. This year's Liquid Force bar is redesigned from end to end and from the depower strap to the chicken loop. Our design goal was to make a bar that does it all and makes it look and feel natural. At the same time, we wanted to make our bar 100% reliable, and we worked exceedingly hard to do it. Starting with the chicken loop and depower assembly, we focused on making it simple and ensuring failsafe performance. Each prototype was tested extensively by our team of testers, undergoing 300 punch outs in every scenario we could imagine. We filled them up with sand and otherwise tried to make them fail. The final product is the most reliable safety system in the industry. Going on, Brandon walked us through the bars other features. After ensuring that the chicken loop assembly met our specifications, we focused on making it durable and lite. Using a single molded composite bar allowed us to bring the weight down by 50% without compromising on strength. Then we made it adjustable in all the right ways.  The rider may choose to ride with the safety pin or without it. We made the floats detachable, we gave it adjustable end cartages so you can easily adjust the bar length to 55 cm or 49 cm, and we made the lines adjustable to 20 meters or 23 meters. Thanks, Brandon! 


The 2019 Liquid Force OVERDRIVE Kiteboard is a light wind freestyle twin tip that brings performance to larger riders or marginal conditions. Featuring a flat bottom, ample width, minimal rocker, and a simple yet classic and effective outline, the OverDrive has everything a board needs to make the most out of the least. The OverDrive gets up on a plane quickly and with little effort, carves, pops, and motors upwind all while everyone else is still sitting on the beach.


If you are a newer or larger rider and especially if you want to get on the water early, check out the OverDrive We teach on this board because it makes riding easy. While it's not geared to high-performance riding, it does handle remarkably well. We recommend the OverDrive to beginners and intermediate riders, larger riders, and those looking for a light wind board. Chances are you'll keep it in your quiver for those marginal days even as you become an experienced rider. 


The OverDrive brings high-end freestyle performance to the light wind and heavy rider arena. Featuring inline inserts, minimal rocker, and a hearty width, the OverDrive offers early and efficient planing, exceptional upwind capability, powerful pop, and a smooth, predictable feel. All of it comes together with a lively profiled wood core and a medium flex pattern to create a lightwind twin tip that will allow you to jump, jibe and hone in on your board skills.


The 2019 Liquid Force MOD KITE Harness is a soft shell kiteboarding harness designed for function and comfort across all sizes. While hardshell harnesses can pinch or push on different parts of your body causing you to end your session prematurely, the philosophy and technology behind the MOD is all about providing superior comfort for all riders, regardless of size or shape. Through the utilization of high-density foam, ergonomic design, and separately molded patterns for each specific size, the MOD goes above and beyond in the quest to make the harness feel like an extension of your body. Featuring a clean and highly padded construction with expansive back coverage, an oversized spreader bar pad, Dual-zone adjustment straps, and the LF Cam Clamp, the MOD has everything you need to ride until the sun sets.

The amply sized spreader bar pad and the dual zone adjustment straps keep the bar from rolling up, a significant source of discomfort. The wide back support spreads the load across your entire back offering still more comfort. The size-specific patterns ensure that each size is optimized for maximum comfort. The LF Cam Clamp makes it easy to put on and take off without ever having to adjust the straps, so once you've fitted it once, it's always ready to go.

The 2019 Liquid Force MOD KITE Harnes is a softshell harness that fits all sizes perfectly so you can ride in comfort and with confidence.


The Liquid Force Pro Pads and Strap kit is the most comfortable food straps the company ever made. They come in the following sizes:

L/XL (MENS 9 TO 13 / WOMAN 7+) S/M (MENS 7 TO 10 / WOMAN 6 TO 11)

This Foot strap kit will fit all kiteboards. Designed with comfort in mind and endless rider adjustability.The Pro Pad is the peak of comfort and customization in a kiteboarding strap and pad. Adjustable fitting to every rider’s individual foot profile is the highlight of the pad. Our unique “tab” strap system offers multiple dimensions of adjustment to fit any foot out there. High instep, low and short toes, long and narrow arches, wide and bulky feet, the Pro Pad will offer the perfect adjustment and comfort for anyone, even with booties on!

Dual-density EVA inserts and the choice of a multi-shock absorption heel pad adds high-performance vibration dampening with hard landing shock absorption. A slot mounting system allows easy compatibility on any kiteboard on the market with standard inserts or a track system.


2018 12M Liquid Force NV kite

Mission Control Bar V2

2019 OverDrive 142 kiteboard, complete with fins, handle

2018 Liquid Force Pro Pad Straps

Liquid Force Solo v2 harness

Liquid Force pump