Liquid Force NV V8 12M Kiteboarding Package NO HARNESS

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Our Liquid Force NV V8 12M Kiteboarding Package NO HARNESS is a steal of a deal for an awesome 12M NV V8 kite complete with Mission Control V2 bar, a Liquid Force Edge kiteboard complete with Cabrinha H2O straps, and...

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Our Liquid Force NV V8 12M Kiteboarding Package NO HARNESS is a steal of a deal for an awesome 12M NV V8 kite complete with Mission Control V2 bar, a Liquid Force Edge kiteboard complete with Cabrinha H2O straps, and a 3L LF Pump. Everything you need to have the time of your life kiteboarding is here minus the harness. Get off the beach and get on the water!

The 2018 Liquid Force Envy has Legendary Stability, Bombproof Construction, User-Friendly and tweaked ever closer to perfection.

For 2018 Liquid Force brings back the Envy, as the NV. Coveted for its sage-like stability and predictable power, the NV has been tweaked ever closer to perfection. Among this year's improvements is more power when turning, a faster response time to bar input and a more robust trailing edge.

The NEW 8th generation Envy has arrived! Now with an NV moniker and refined wingtip geometry. Noticeably improved input from the kite to the rider means you can spend more time looking at what you want instead of staring at the kite. This year the Leading Edge diameter has been reduced which provides more flying speed through the window and reducing any back stalling that occurs in low wind conditions. The 2018 NV 8 has added a V load transfer connection to the bridle system which has eliminated canopy distortion while improving the already legendary stability. Retaining its reputation of Bombproof construction and amazing versatility for different riding styles. Whether you love riding rails or down the line wave riding the new NV goes beyond your expectations!

We spoke with Brandon Scheid to get his take on the new Liquid Force NV V8, and this is what he told us.

The 2018 Liquid Force NV is built on seven generations, and it just keeps getting better. One of the most notable changes this year is the squared off wing tips. We found that by increasing the wing tip geometry, we were able to improve the direct feel of the kite. The fuller wingtips reduce wingtip flaring, so the kite moves through the window faster and at the same time it improves its stability in lighter winds. In addition to changing the geometry of the wingtips, we increased the length of the center strut and decreasing the diameter of the leading edge along the wingtips. You might expect a longer center strut to make the kite lower aspect, but Brandon assured us it does not. It is a small increase in length, the effect being that it gives the kite more power when turning. The decrease in LE diameter toward the tips is also slight yet meaningful, reducing weight and allowing the wingtips to move through turns more efficiently. Additionally, the bridle has been enhanced to provide more support to the wingtips to minimize distortion, and finally, the tensioned trailing edge reduces flutter and increases the kites longevity.

All in all, the NV gives you more of what you want without taking away anything away from last year's version. The NV V8 features faster turning with optimized power delivery characteristics to make kite loops and down loop transitions smoother, more powerful and more efficient, a more rapid response from the kite when initiating a turn, less flaring of the wingtips, less flutter, better leading edge rigidity and greater overall stability.

If you are looking for a versatile and user-friendly kite that will make all your kite buddies jealous, look no further than the NV.

In 2017, Liquid Force unveils a total redesign of the control bar; Houston, we have a solution! The Mission Control Bar brings a new benchmark to the vision of pure functionality. While others seem obsessed with bells and whistles, the Mission Control Bar is all about clean and simple. From its one-piece molded composite construction to its PU wrapped chicken line, to its distinctly clean and eye-catching color scheme, whether you are getting ready to blast off into the stratosphere or just reach toward a rainbow, Mission Control should be in your situation room.

This is the 2018 Liquid Force Mission Control V2 Bar. We called on Brandon Scheid to give us the low down. This year's Liquid Force bar is redesigned from end to end and from the depower strap to the chicken loop. Our design goal was to make a bar that does it all and makes it look and feel natural. At the same time, we wanted to make our bar 100% reliable, and we worked exceedingly hard to do it. Starting with the chicken loop and depower assembly, we focused on making it simple and ensuring failsafe performance. Each prototype was tested extensively by our team of testers, undergoing 300 punch outs in every scenario we could imagine. We filled them up with sand and otherwise tried to make them fail. The final product is the most reliable safety system in the industry. Going on, Brandon walked us through the bars other features. After ensuring that the chicken loop assembly met our specifications, we focused on making it durable and lite. Using a single molded composite bar allowed us to bring the weight down by 50% without compromising on strength. Then we made it adjustable in all the right ways. The rider may choose to ride with the safety pin or without it. We made the floats detachable, we gave it adjustable end cartages so you can easily adjust the bar length to 55 cm or 49 cm, and we made the lines adjustable to 20 meters or 23 meters. Thanks, Brandon!

This is the bar you want to be wrapping your lines around. Strong and lite, adjustable to your kite size and riding style, and dependable in any situation, the Mission Control Bar by Liquid Force is blasting off in 2017 from a beach near you. Take a look at this beautiful work of engineering and fall in love with its simple and adaptive functionality.


The 2016 Liquid Force Edge Board is an easy to ride twin tip with an asymmetrical bottom contour designed for rapid progression. The asymmetrical design features upward-canted toeside to prevent the dreaded face flop and a single concave set toward a sharp heelside edge to facilitate upwind bite. The smooth outline is classicly inspired and easy to maneuver. Featuring a compression molded Polyurethane-Injected Core construction, the Edge is lightweight for low swing weight performance yet strong for years of service. Reinforced biaxially, torsionally strong and rigid, and complemented by M6 three-pack inserts, the Edge is has a smooth medium rocker line and low flex profile for efficient energy conservation and positive progression trajectory. Finally, a gloss finish gives it a shiny and vibrant presentation. If you want to make the most out of every session, check out the Edge for its value, performance, and quality.



The 2019 Cabrinha H2O Kiteboarding Strap Set Complete is a quality footstrap and foot pad with loads of new adjustment features to personalize the fit, angle, and feel of one of the most important parts of your gear. The H2O lets you easily change the duck and width of the straps. You can also utilize the 4 connection points for a perfect fit at both the front and back of your foot. The 360-degree wrapping strap gives you even more control of the 4 point connection system. The Triple Density footpad gives where you want it to give and cushions where you want it to cushion. You can even choose between the included hard and soft heel inserts. 4- degrees of micro duck adjustment and a 6-inch mount pattern complete this picture of perfect personalization. Secure and travel-friendly, the H2O is the pinnacle of footstrap design. The H2O fits all Cabrinha boards as well as most other brands.

This 2-liter kiteboarding pump has a pressure gauge and comes with three different adaptors that will inflate most kiteboarding kites. Since all 2L kite pumps are virtually the same, we like this model the best since its priced $5 cheaper than his competitors.

Don't let an old pump stop your kiteboarding session, get a new one now.



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