Evolve GT Carbon Electric Skateboard All Terrain

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The fastest electric skateboard ever built with the longest battery life. Capable of switching between the street and all terrain tires. If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the rise of the electric skateboard, chances are the Evolve...

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The fastest electric skateboard ever built with the longest battery life. Capable of switching between the street and all terrain tires.

If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the rise of the electric skateboard, chances are the Evolve GT Carbon electric skateboard has caught your eye.  Billed as the most high-performance electric skateboard line up on the market with the greatest range, speed and versatility, you won’t find anyone who has ridden one to disagree.  What you will find is people who are stoked.  Check out the specs below; these things are souped up!   Whether it’s the Street version, the All Terrain version or the 2 in 1, the Evolve GT Carbon series is leaps and bounds ahead of any competitor.  Like all the boards in the  Evolve GT series, the battery and electronics are sleekly integrated into the deck, in this case, a 100% Carbon deck providing a clean and stylish presentation as well as a highly functional low profile, high control feels.  Powered by two, yes two, twin sensor brushless motors together pumping 3000, yes 3000 watts of power, to either the new hybrid 83 mm skate wheels or the new 7” All Terrain pneumatic tires, depending on which you get, the Skate version or the All Terrain version.  Or you can go all out and get the 2 in 1 version which comes with both setups and can be converted in about 10 minutes.  

So, what does all that mean regarding actual performance? Well, let’s break it down with the numbers that count.  The Street version has the best performance, giving you a top speed of 22-26 mph and a range of 19 miles with the battery recharge time of 3.5 hours or 80 minutes with the optional fast charger.  With the All Terrain version the numbers a just a little less due to the extra work the motors have to do with the larger wheels but still a highly respectable 20-22 mph and a range of 12 to 15 miles.

We’ve been riding them every chance we get at FORCE Kite and Wake.

Looking at specs and numbers, as impressive as they are, is nothing compared to the first-hand experience.  Once you put the remote in your hand and engage the throttle, that is when the proverbial rubber hits the literal road.  With four riding modes, “Slow,” “Eco,” “Fast” and its namesake “GT,” the Evolve Carbon GT series has your speed.  You’re going to want to start with the “Slow” setting, believe us.  Once you’ve got the hang of how it works you can move up to the “Eco” or “Fast” or if you’re the daring type you can go right to the “Fast” mode but beware, “Fast” need not be in quotes, it’s fast by any measure, quotes or no quotes.  Or, if you really want to unlock the full power and acceleration of the GT series and even climb hills of up to 25% gradient, put it on the “GT” mode.

The remote itself is comfortable and easy to use, giving you instant access to your speed, battery level, range, and even lets you change modes on the fly.  Going straight is a joy, but if you really want to find out what this board is all about, you’ll want to do some carving.  The super-carve trucks give it a smooth surfy feel that masterfully captures the sensation of riding down the line on a surfboard.  

Apparently, the future has arrived.  If you have the means, the Evolve GT Carbon Electric Skateboard is just a few clicks from being yours.  Huge range, sick speeds, massive versatility, smooth carving, and fun await!

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EVOLVE Specs  

Range -31miles on the Street GT.  18.5miles on the All terrain GT.  Varies depending on rider weight, terrain and riding style.
Top Speed - Approx. 36-42kph/22-26mph on the street GT depending on wheel and gear size.  Approx. 35-41kph/22-25mph on the All Terrain GT depending on wheel size.  This may vary depending on rider weight and terrain.
Hills - Up to 25% gradient in GT mode (insanely STEEP!).
Deck material - High-grade Custom Molded Carbon Fiber & Kevlar.
Deck length - 102cm/40 inches.
Deck wheelbase - 81cm/33.5inches.
Trucks - Black GT Super carve 306mm/12inch width.
Wheels - Black Evolve GT 83mm 76A for the GT street board.  Evolve 7” All terrain wheels for the All Terrain GT board.  Orangatang 80mm Kegels and Abec 11 flywheels (83mm, 90mm, and 97mm) are also compatible with the GT board
Motors - 3000-watt high-performance custom made sensored dual brush out-runner motors.
Battery - 42v Lithium Ion battery with custom BMS.
Recharge - 4-5 hours with standard charger (Optional fast charger 3hrs).
Weight - 7.9kg/17lbs Street GT and 9.5kg/21lbs All Terrain.
Braking - ABS smooth regenerative braking.  Has the ability to bring you to a complete stop if required.
Acceleration - Smooth stepless acceleration from slow to top speed.
Remote - Digital LCD screen remote with speed indicator, trip function, 4-speed settings, Battery display, wheel and gear settings and diagnosis screen.
Included: GT Remote, Standard Charger, Skate Tool, and owners manual.